Locally Sourced Craft Beer Can Chicken | Ohio BBQ

Key Points - Backyard BBQ Locally sourced organic grass fed chicken from Nature's Warehouse with easy text ordering and delivery Zydeco Bistro Cajun Creole Seasoning/Rub Hoppin' Frog "The Florida Turbo Shandy" Kelly's Stone Ground Mustard Akorn Char-Griller Smoker...

Curated Quarantine Recipes

We've curated some of our favorite recipes from our PFF Community Chefs, and friends. Please click on the button below to check them all out. Cheers!

Oatmeal Brown Beercakes – Beer Me for Breakfast

Pre 1800's, beer was the breakfast of champions. Say what?! Yes friends, in those days the water was far too contaminated. Plus, tea and coffee were not widely available. So our great ancestors broke their fast by knocking back a few brews with all of those delicious...
Beer Brittle Recipe

Beer Brittle Recipe

Beer will always go with food. Pairings as fancy as the “fresh” dinners at Stone Gardens (amazing. So amazing) to the basic beer and enormous greasy pizza or breakfast burrito at 11pm at night.  Where there is beer, there is most always good food. Or passable food. ...

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