Curated Quarantine Recipes

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Oatmeal Brown Beercakes – Beer Me for Breakfast

Pre 1800's, beer was the breakfast of champions. Say what?! Yes friends, in those days the water was far too contaminated. Plus, tea and coffee were not widely available. So our great ancestors broke their fast by knocking back a few brews with all of those delicious...

Christmas Ale French Toast Recipe

Ingredients 1.5 cups half & half 2 oz Xmas Ale 1/3 cup powder Sugar 1/2 tsp oz ground nutmeg 1 tsp Cinnamon 4 ea. large Eggs Unsalted Butter for cooking French toast in a skillet French Bread cut on a bias 1.5 in thick 12 to 16 slices and let stale for a couple of...
How to Pair Craft Beer with Food

How to Pair Craft Beer with Food

Recently Updated by: Brooke Newberry Cheat Sheet: How to Pair Craft Beer with Food --> Download Pints, Forks & Friends Craft Beer & Food PDF The refreshing thing about newer craft beer culture is that rule breaking is expected and encouraged.  Brewers are...

Spent Grain Pizza Dough Recipe

Spent Grain Pizza Dough Recipe

Spent grains are the leftover malt (grains) after most of its sugars, proteins, and nutrients have been extracted. The spent grains can make up over 80% of a brewery's total by-product. Conscientious brewers like Scott Smith, owner of East End Brewing Co. makes sure...

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