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Have you ever found yourself at a Cleveland Guardians or Cleveland Browns game, hot dog in hand, facing the age-old dilemma – Bertman’s Original Ball Park Mustard or Authentic Stadium Mustard? For some folks it might seem trivial. But for the die-hard Stadium Mustard vs Bertman fans like us, this choice is as critical as picking your team.

Cleveland has blessed us with more than just the tunes of rock ‘n’ roll and breathtaking views of Lake Erie – it’s also gifted us two renowned mustards that have started a spirited rivalry among foodies and locals. It also introduced us to two iconic mustards that have sparked a friendly rivalry among locals and foodies alike. The story behind these brands involves generations of craftmanship, secret recipes, sports legends…and yes – plenty of deliciously tangy yellow condiment!

Excited? Hold tight! We’re about to plunge into the world of Bertman’s Original Ball Park Mustard, uncovering all there is to know.

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Cleveland mustard war

The Mustard Wars: Bertman’s Original Ball Park vs. Authentic Stadium Mustard

As Clevelanders, we’ve got a thing for mustard. Not just any mustard though – the big players are Bertman’s Original Ball Park Mustard and Authentic Stadium Mustard. Both brands have deep roots in our city, with tales as rich as their flavors.

The Origins of the Mustard Rivalry

Cleveland’s iconic mustards didn’t start out as rivals. Joe Bertman, founder of Bertman Food Products Company was making his original ball park mustard back when Babe Ruth was hitting home runs. It became an instant hit at League Park and later at Municipal Stadium.

In comes David Dwoskin who bought rights to distribute this vinegar-based mustard under Davis Food Company but wanted more control over production than what he had while working with Joe. So, he created his own recipe for stadium mustard.

This spicy brown concoction quickly gained popularity among fans attending sporting events at Cleveland Municipal Stadium; hence its name “Stadium”. However, it wasn’t until after some sales calls that things really heated up between these two heavyweights of the condiment world.

Taste Test: Sweet vs Spicy

Bertman’s unique blend is a slightly sweet and tangy taste sensation on your palate – thanks to ingredients like distilled vinegar and sugar which complement each other perfectly.

On the other hand (or should I say tongue?), if you’re someone who likes a little kick in their condiments, Stadium’s blend of brown mustard and red pepper should be right up your alley. It’s spicier than its Bertman counterpart but still maintains a deliciously complex flavor profile.

preferences. Just like picking between apple pie and chocolate cake, choosing the better mustard in Cleveland boils down to what suits your taste buds.

Key Takeaway: it all boils down to personal preference. Whether you’re a fan of Bertman’s sweet tang or Stadium’s fiery kick, both mustards hold their own in Cleveland’s Mustard Wars. They continue to delight fans with their unique flavors and deep city roots.

Mustard in the Ballpark: The Role of Mustard in Cleveland Sports

In Cleveland, hot dogs and sports go together like apple pie and baseball season. But there’s a twist to this tale – it’s all about the mustard. And not just any mustard, but two particular brands that have become iconic staples at major sporting events.

Bertman’s at Progressive Field

The Cleveland Indians’ home turf, Progressive Field, has long been associated with Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard. This tangy condiment made its debut here during league games back when it was still known as Municipal Stadium. It quickly became part of the stadium culture – enhancing the taste of ballpark hot dogs one squeeze at a time.

The man behind this tasty treat? Joe Bertman – founder of Bertman Foods Company. His secret recipe blends spices with brown mustard seeds into an addictive flavor profile so unique; fans wouldn’t dream of chowing down on their franks without it.

Bertman’s love for his hometown team is evident even today – every jar proudly features ‘The Official Mustard’ label right alongside images reminiscent of past glory days including League Park and Jacob’s field era graphics. Now if that doesn’t scream devotion…

Stadium Mustard at FirstEnergy Stadium

Moving over to gridiron territory we find another beloved brand gracing concessions stands – Authentic Stadium Mustard served up during Cleveland Browns’ home games at FirstEnergy Stadium. The rich, smooth flavor of this yellow mustard is a hit with fans who slather it on their hot dogs in generous amounts.

Unlike Bertman’s sweet and tangy mix, Authentic Stadium Mustard brings the heat. This spicy condiment was originally produced by Davis Food Company but later taken over by Michael Mintz’s company after sales calls went unanswered at Davis’. As they say, when one door closes another opens…right onto a football field.

It’s not just about flavor when it comes to these two mustards. Both brands boast of being ‘the original’, adding another layer of fascination to the ongoing Cleveland saga.

Key Takeaway: Hot dogs and sports in Cleveland have a spicy sidekick – mustard. Two iconic brands, Bertman’s Original Ball Park Mustard and Authentic Stadium Mustard, are as essential to the game day experience as cheering fans. Whether it’s the tangy flavor of Bertman’s at Progressive Field or the heat brought by Stadium Mustard at FirstEnergy Stadium, these mustards make every bite an unforgettable one. They’re not just condiments; they’re part of what makes Cleveland’s sports culture so unique.

The Making of a Mustard Masterpiece

Creating a culinary sensation like Cleveland’s famous Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard is no small feat. It all starts with mustard seeds, carefully selected for their robust flavor and quality.

These tiny kernels are then ground into fine powder, releasing the intense flavors that make this condiment such an essential part of any ball game experience.

Bertman’s Original Recipe

To understand what makes Bertman’s original recipe so special, we need to delve into its unique blend of ingredients. This isn’t your average yellow mustard you find at grocery stores; it’s a well-crafted symphony in which every ingredient plays its own distinct role.

Sugar comes in next on the list after mustard seed and distilled vinegar – but don’t let that fool you. Unlike sweet mustards that use sugar as one of the main components, Bertman uses just enough to balance out the tangy bite from distilled vinegar without overwhelming your palate with sweetness. And while brown mustard often includes water as a primary ingredient, not so here. At Bertmans’, they believe less is more when it comes to diluting flavors.

The Spicier Side of Stadium Mustard

Apart from being an excellent accompaniment for hot dogs or pretzels during sporting events at venues like Progressive Field or FirstEnergy Stadium (go Guardians.), this beloved Cleveland staple has another trick up its sleeve: spice. What sets stadium-style mustards apart from others – including even other types under Bertmans’ label – is its spicier kick, thanks to a secret ingredient: red pepper.

Unlike traditional yellow mustard, stadium’s label doesn’t just list “spices” in the ingredients. Instead, they proudly announce their use of red pepper – a choice that adds both color and an extra punch of heat to every bite.

And it’s not just about the journey. It’s a painstaking process, where each step demands meticulous attention and an uncompromising dedication to quality control. The path from seed to bottle for these iconic mustards is neither short nor simple, but it’s what makes them stand out.

Key Takeaway: Creating Cleveland’s beloved Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard is a journey from carefully selected mustard seeds to an exceptional condiment. It’s not your average mustard, but a symphony of flavors with sugar and vinegar playing key roles. A unique twist? Their stadium-style version packs extra heat thanks to red pepper, adding another layer of complexity that sets it apart.

The Wider Reach of Cleveland’s Mustards

When it comes to the iconic mustard brands from Northeast Ohio, they aren’t just limited to their hometown. Their flavors have tickled taste buds far and wide.

From Universal Studios in sunny California to even space shuttle missions, Cleveland’s mustards are painting the world yellow.

Bertman’s Beyond the Ballpark

You might associate Bertman’s Original Ball Park Mustard with a juicy hot dog at a baseball game. But its reach extends beyond our favorite ball parks and into kitchens across America.

Bertman’s website, states that this tangy delight is available nationwide through various retailers.

Authentic Stadium Mustard Goes Global

If you thought Bertman’s had an impressive resume, wait till you hear about Authentic Stadium Mustard. This sharp yet smooth delicacy has become a staple condiment not only in homes but also restaurants around the globe. The story doesn’t stop there. Believe it or not, astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Discovery actually requested Stadium Mustard for their mission back in 1997. That’s right – Stadium Mustard went interstellar.

Stadium Mustard proudly boasts on its website, that it ships internationally making fans worldwide happy.

“Nothing beats slathering your sausage with some spicy brown goodness,” says Tom who runs a British pub serving bangers & mash topped with none other than Authentic Stadium.

Cleveland’s Mustards and Hollywood

But the story of these mustards doesn’t end in our kitchens or international restaurants. They’ve even found their way to Universal Studios. It turns out, when movie producers need a dollop of authenticity on their set, they reach for Cleveland’s very own.

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Key Takeaway: Cleveland’s iconic mustard brands, Bertman’s and Authentic Stadium Mustard, aren’t just hometown heroes. They’ve tickled taste buds nationwide, from Universal Studios to space missions. So next time you enjoy that tangy kick in your meal or see it on the big screen – remember, it could be a bit of Cleveland spicing things up.

FAQs in Relation to Cleveland Mustard Brands

What is the best mustard in Cleveland Ohio?

The battle for the top spot between Bertman’s Original Ball Park Mustard and Authentic Stadium Mustard keeps things spicy. It comes down to personal taste.

Which is the original Cleveland Stadium Mustard?

Bertman’s Original Ball Park Mustard and Authentic Stadium Mustard claim it was first served at League Park, home of the Cleveland Indians in the 1920’s. That means Babe Ruth was enjoying it for sure! Although there is a degree of controversy surrounding the matter, as highlighted in Dan Coughlin’s book Dan Coughlin’s book “Let’s Have Another” it is suggested that in 1950, Alvie Friedlander, the concession manager at Cleveland’s Stadium (home to the Indians and Browns), instructed Bertman Food Products Co. to source the stadium mustard from Chicago. It’s worth noting that in the early 80’s, Bertman made a significant change by relocating their mustard production from Chicago, Illinois, to Ohio, and in this process, sugar was introduced to the original mustard recipe.

Is Stadium Mustard a Cleveland thing?

Absolutely. Both Bertman’s and Authentic Stadium are iconic brands that have spiced up sports events across Northeast Ohio for decades.

What is the great American ballpark mustard?

Cleveland’s own Bertman’s Original Ballpark and Authentic Stadium are celebrated as two of America’s favorite mustards, particularly paired with hot dogs at ball games.


It’s been quite a journey through the spicy tale of Stadium Mustard vs Bertman Ball Park Mustard, hasn’t it?

We’ve tasted our way from Bertman’s sweet, tangy allure to Stadium Mustard’s bold, spicy punch.

We’ve sat in the stands at Progressive Field and FirstEnergy Stadium, savoring each bite of hot dogs slathered with these iconic mustards.

And we delved into how these flavors are crafted from seed to bottle.

Above all else, remember this: Whether you’re Team Bertman or Team Stadium, there’s no denying that Clevelanders sure know their mustard!

So next time you find yourself choosing between two beloved ballpark rivals – enjoy every bit.

In the end, isn’t variety what makes life interesting? isn’t variety truly the spice of life?

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