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I first met the boys from Land Grant Brewing Company at the Winter Warmer in Cleveland. They were one of the last brewers I spoke to that day and their name, creative energy, and their Kolsch brew hooked me immediately. I asked them about the name Land Grant? They said it was named after the Morrill Act of 1862 aka Land Grant Act, which set aside federal land for public universities bringing higher education to the masses. The Ohio State University was part of it, which obviously a huge part of the Columbus community. They used to be called Oval Brewing but made the switch after a trademark issue.

Their 12,000 square foot historic renovated factory is located in East Franklinton which is in downtown Columbus, just west of the Scioto River. The area has been revitalized with galleries, event spaces, and breweries like Land Grant. Their space used to be an elevator factory back in the day. There is no kitchen, but they do an exceptional job rotating food trucks in daily.

I spoke with their co-founder and creative director Walt Keys, and I totally get why Land Grant has taken off. The art and design he puts into the brewery is second to none. I mean they did these awesome trading style cards promoting their different beers. I have the Kolsch one, which is still memorable to this day. Extra effort, along with the depth their website has fully captures how tight their “community” is. What strengthens their bond with the community is all the work they do raising money, donating, and facilitating long term community sustainability. Check out their “Giving Back” link.

For me, whenever traveling through Columbus, this is a must stop on your brewery list. Proud to give it the #PFFStamp!

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Image credit: Land Grant Brewery Co.

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