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Pints, Forks & Friends Field Notes

A client, chef, and Louisiana native Johnny Schulze put together a cajun business trip exploring the fine cuisine New Orleans has to offer. Johnny got his start down there and makes it a point to get down there regularly to keep up with the latest trends, techniques and recipes. For me, it was a chance to cover this city through the eyes of a chef. The focus of the trip was checking out Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s “Boudin, Bourbon & Beer” Event featuring over 70 of the nation’s best chefs.

Pints, Forks & Friends Field Notes

Since the Boudin, Bourbon & Beer event was right outside the Super Dome, we decided to stay at the Le Pavillon Hotel located in the heart of downtown New Orleans’ Central Business District. The accommodations were perfect for the type of schedule we were on. The hotel originally opened its doors in 1907 as New Hotel Denechaund, then eventually became Le Pavillon in the 70’s. The weather was on the cold side for early November and unfortunately rain did hit us at the “BBB” event the next evening. It didn’t stop us though, we visited all the tents sampling some of the best food we’ve ever had. As luck would have it, we were in the Abita Brewing tent when the rain started. We enjoyed their main brews – Amber, Purple Haze, and the Big Easy IPA. As for the food, some of our favorites were Mississippi BBQ, Oyster and Nduja Boudin, Bourbon Drunken Duck Boudin, and of course the Bourbon Milkshakes.

Even though the weather cut our BBB evening short, we still went out in the French Quarter exploring the famous Bourbon Street, all the art on Royal Street and took in all the different types of people expressing themselves in their own unique way. We used the Photofy App to easily create and share our adventures.

Side Notes

  • We stood outside of the Spotted Cat Music Club and listened to the live jazz band. You have to get there early for that place
  • Loved being able to take your drink with you for consumption, wish that was the case everywhere
  • The lunch at Antoine’s is a great price with a lot of specials, also take the tour after your meal – I guess they lost some irreplaceable wine after Hurricane Katrina hit
  • If you take the horse and buggy tour around Jackson Square, look for the guy dressed in all purple;)
  • Also, make the hike over to Port of Call and try their Monsoon (aka stronger hurricane)
  • Chef Johnny’s Favorite Restaurant – Cafe Degas -it has a live tree growing up through it!!
  • Full BBB Menu: EATER New Orleans

I Can Do Another 12 chicken wing show

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