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Michael Fraser


Pints, Forks & Friends Field Notes

So the day after my evening in Flint Hill, Virginia, I started heading back to Ohio. I did a quick search in my Google Maps app for breweries and came across an interesting town called “Front Royal” –and the new Front Royal Brewing Company. I’ll tell you what, this town has breathtaking views of the mountains along with the Shenandoah River running through it which made me want to hang out and explore more!! The best place to get a vibe for a town is the brewery, and the Front Royal Brewery did that for me.

Pints, Forks & Friends Field Notes

I found a parking spot on E. Main Street, which looked like something out of The Andy Griffith Show which is a compliment, and walked up to the brewery. It was lunchtime, so it was perfect timing for me to grab a quick bite to eat. The tap room is very well laid out with plenty of space at the bar overlooking their 10 bbl brew system. Conversation was not a problem, because their staff was very friendly. I had the pleasure of meeting the bartender Jason, along with one of the co-owners, Andrew Welcome. When it came time to order I selected their Soft Beer Pretzel which features their “Siren of the Shenandoah” Cheese dipping sauce. I paired it with their Linden Lager (Vienna 5.5% ABV • 26 IBU), which was really good. Even though they have only been open a few months, I can tell they’re doing things the right way. For instance, creating local business synergy with Mountain Trails (outdoor clothing/equipment co.) building out a laundry and shower facility for the Appalachian Trail hikers passing through… Live music, community events and more. I encouraged them to keep hammering social media and shared some stories on how we grew the PFF community, along with some of the tools/apps we use like Photofy (PFF Passport Stamp) to help create content quickly.

For all breweries out there, here is a pretty fresh blueprint to follow. Cheers Guys!

Side Notes

  • I wanted to give a shout out to the First Citizens Bank for not judging my wetness walkthrough your office while looking for the ATM LOL! I got stuck in the rain and had to get money for the PA Turnpike.
  • Front Royal Brewing Co’s Beers On Tap
  • Jason added our Pints, Forks & Friends and Photofy’s stickers to their wall
  • The building/structure used to be Boyd’s Garage – which was once home to the fanciest cars in the Shenandoah valley.
  • Saturday, August 11, 2018 they will be at Brewstock!

More Notes…

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