How did they come up with Mirror Pond Pale Ale?

There is nothing like a crisp, cold craft beer we know, but what also brings a little tear to my eye is when a craft beer brand takes the extra effort to connect with their fans & customers. Very few craft brewers understand the value of being your own publisher. Consumers are tired of the “Push Advertising” methods and rather be “Pulled” along through a story that they can engage with. Well Deschutes Brewery is doing just that by connecting us with the true Mirror Pond Pale Ale inspiration.

Check out their latest video release using the new 360 degree VR technology exploring their backyard… and explaining how they came up with one of their brew names Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

Discover Deschutes Brewery

As a family and employee-owned brewery, Deschutes believes every pint of beer worth brewing is worth sharing—with friends, family, and even the stranger you just met on the barstool next to you.

And every Deschutes Brewery pint shared has a healthy dose of community, experimentation, and ingenuity.  It’s crafted with plenty of balance and drinkability and invested with quality and consistency.

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