Hickory House Aspen, Colorado

Episode 049 of ‘I Can Do Another 12’ features a LEGIT BBQ Joint called the Hickory House, located in Aspen, Colorado.

Walking into Hickory House Ribs, located on the outskirts of Aspen along Main Street, feels like stepping into the heart of a mountain town celebration. As a ski lodge-like setting adorned with skiing and mountain town memorabilia, the ambiance is lively and warm. What drew me here was Episode 049 of the podcast ‘I Can Do Another 12,’ which promised a culinary adventure I couldn’t miss. I ventured to taste their renowned wings—both the Traditional Hot Wings and the Dry-Rubbed Smoked Wings. These delights lived up to the hype, scoring a near-perfect 9.95 out of 10. Even Guy Fieri, a known connoisseur of bold flavors, has praised these as among the “Top 5 best dry rubbed smoked wings” he’s encountered on his show DDD.

The Ambiance

The atmosphere at Hickory House is undeniably welcoming, ideal for anyone looking to unwind after a day on the slopes or a hike in the hills. The casual, friendly vibe perfectly complements the hearty, flavor-packed meals served here.

The Menu

While the wings stole my heart, Hickory House’s ribs deserve their fame. A full rack of baby back ribs, affordably priced under twenty dollars, can easily become the highlight of any diner’s visit. But Hickory House isn’t just a one-trick pony; their extensive menu features everything from BBQ Brisket and Pulled Pork Sandwiches to Ahi Tuna Salad and Sweet Potato Fries. All dishes are prepared on-site, ensuring freshness and a blast of flavor with every bite.

What Sets It Apart

This BBQ joint does more than serve great food—it builds community. Their annual Thanksgiving tradition, a Community Meal supporting the Aspen Youth Center, exemplifies their commitment to giving back. This blend of culinary excellence and community spirit is what truly sets Hickory House apart.

The side dishes, including baked beans, slaw, and Texas toast, are all made in-house, contributing to the fresh and unique flavors that accompany each meal. The sauce selection is also a highlight, featuring options like homemade BBQ, Hawaiian, hot, Asian heat, and blazin’, each adding a unique touch to the smoked meats.

Service and Accessibility

The service at Hickory House is as delightful as the town of Aspen itself. They offer dine-in, take-out, and catering, ensuring that whether you live locally or are just visiting, you have access to their delicious offerings. They also provide dinner delivery to the Downtown Core, ABC, and Highlands, making it easy to enjoy a fantastic meal without leaving the comfort of your home or hotel.


Hickory House Ribs is more than just a BBQ joint; it’s a cornerstone of Aspen’s culinary and community landscape. With its affordable, delicious food and a welcoming, fun atmosphere, it’s a prime destination for anyone looking to savor traditional BBQ in a town renowned for its exquisite tastes. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a meal at Hickory House is an experience you won’t want to miss.

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