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Cheboygan Brewing Co. Adventures: Fan Edition Part 1 of 2

Every summer, I eagerly await my annual trip “Up North” to Cheboygan, MI. At the heart of my excitement? The sublime Cheboygan Brewing Co., a sanctuary where I unwind and indulge. Earlier trips were marked by hurried Walmart runs to stock up on week-long supplies of steaks, chips, and dip. While my wife raced to skip shopping, I was on a mission to dodge crowds – with the exception of my beloved family. But then, Cheboygan Brewing Co. made its grand entrance, and our vacations took a delightful turn.

Cheboygan Brewing Co. pays homage to a historic brewery that once thrived in Cheboygan during the lumber trade’s heyday. Intriguingly, I discovered an artifact from the original brewery hidden in our family cabin – a quirky storage for our toys!

Stepping into the brewery is like venturing into an enchanting mini-museum that celebrates the legacy of the original establishment. And as you soak in the history, the ever-friendly staff is right there, presenting a selection of beer samples. Choose your top four and head out to groove to live music or ascend to the deck. For me, the deck holds a special charm with its inviting rocking chairs, offering a prime spot to watch the world go by.

On a fortunate day, you’ll spot the local food truck. From grilling mouthwatering hotdogs and burgers to jamming on air guitar – they’re a treat! And hey, if you bump into them, remind them of my request for more 80’s tunes.

Chilling on The Deck & Exploring the Brews:

  • Light House Amber: Initially, I was on the fence about this altbier style. But it grew on me – its subtle maltiness, balanced by a moderate bitter finish is sheer perfection. 6% ABV.
  • Blood Orange Honey: Not usually my go-to, but this one’s an exception. It’s a tangy orange wheat beer, enriched with honey – a drink that outshines Oberon with its intricate layers. 5.7% ABV.
  • La Cerveza: Tailor-made for those sizzling summer days. Light, yet intriguing with just the right dash of malt – striking that delicate balance. 4.0% ABV.
  • IPA #11: A tribute from Mike the brewmaster to his firefighter kin. A harmonious blend, generously hopped with a crisp finish. Hands down, my current top pick. 5.7% ABV.

In a Nutshell: While they don’t serve meals, they more than compensate with complimentary popcorn. And don’t overlook that amazing food truck! The beer choices might be curated, but each is a masterpiece. Their growler refills are incredibly wallet-friendly at just $11. And oh, every visit sees me swooning over their merchandise – this time I couldn’t resist a nifty bullet bottle opener.

Stay tuned, up next: Diving into the World of the Cheboygan Brewing Company Team! 🍻 (Part 2)

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