Cheboygan Brewing Co

Cheboygan Brewing Co. A Northern Gem

Cheboygan, the crown jewel of northern Michigan! It’s where untouched forests meet sparkling waterways, and where trails stretch as far as the imagination. Every handcrafted beer from CBCO captures this essence. Each sip transports you to this idyllic landscape, making every moment feel like a northern getaway.

At Cheboygan Brewing Co, our mission transcends brewing exquisite beers. Our beer is the bridge connecting us, fostering community bonds. Whether reuniting with old pals, forging new friendships, or collaborating to preserve Michigan’s natural splendors, it’s the beer that unites us all.

Community and events go hand in hand. Be it the melodic tunes filling our taproom or the anticipation of the next beer fest – stay tuned to our schedules for all the fun happenings!

COMMUNITY FIRST From restoring beaches to safeguarding trails or championing a neighborhood cause, for us, beer is more than a drink. It’s our way of amplifying positive change. Explore the initiatives we’re passionate about.

JOIN THE ELITE: CBCO MUG CLUB Step into our exclusive circle – The Cheboygan Brewing Company Mug Club. With unparalleled perks and discounts, it’s more than a club. It’s a fellowship of our most ardent enthusiasts!

Pints, Forks & Friends: Champions of Craft Breweries

Pints, Forks & Friends stands as a beacon of support for local independent craft breweries, recognizing the passion, craftsmanship, and dedication that goes into every brew. In a world dominated by major beverage conglomerates, they understand the challenges faced by smaller, independent entities trying to carve a niche for their unique flavors and stories. Pints, Forks & Friends goes beyond mere appreciation — they provide free exposure, helping these breweries gain the recognition and fanbase they richly deserve. Through their platform, countless beer enthusiasts discover new tastes and locales, while the breweries benefit from increased footfall and appreciation. It’s a beautiful synergy of community support, love for craft, and the shared joy of great beers.

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