Anchor Brewing

Fritz Maytag at Anchor Brewing Company | Photography courtesy of Anchor Brewing Company

Anchor Brewing, a titan in the craft beer industry, is closing its doors.

The shocking news has left many reeling…

This isn’t just any brewery we’re talking about. It’s Anchor Brewing.

An institution that’s been around for 127 years and helped shape America’s craft beer scene into what it is today.


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The End of an Era for Anchor Brewing

It’s a sad day in the world of craft beer.

Anchor Brewing, America’s oldest and most revered craft brewer, is closing its doors after 127 years.

This closure symbolizes the end of a remarkable period in US brewing history.

Declining Sales Leading to Closure

An unfortunate decline in sales has been one major factor leading to this drastic decision.

Alleged Mismanagement by Sapporo

Beyond that, rumors are swirling about mismanagement by Sapporo. This Japanese beer company acquired Anchor back in 2017 and since then things have never really looked up.

Stay tuned as we dig deeper into how global events like pandemics and market competition played their part too.

Impact of Pandemic and Market Competition on Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry, including craft brewing. Even America’s oldest brewer, Anchor Brewing, couldn’t escape its grasp.

Not only did the health crisis hit hard, but rising inflation rates also added to the strain on operations.

Effect of COVID-19 on Business Operations

The global lockdowns caused Anchor Brewing’s sales to plummet like a tipsy bar patron.

Bars and restaurants, a mainstay for craft beer sales, were subject to limitations due to the pandemic.

Role of Inflation Rates

Inflation rates decided to join the party, piling pressure onto already struggling businesses like Anchor.

Highly Competitive Market Conditions

To survive these challenging times, companies need innovative strategies that make their competitors hop away in defeat.

Changes under Sapporo’s Ownership

The acquisition of Anchor Brewing by Sapporo in 2017 brought about notable changes.

Sapporo’s influence led to a shift in business strategy, which some argue contributed to the brewery’s decline.

Limited Distribution Strategy

Sapporo decided to cut national distribution, focusing solely on California.

This move was risky, considering the fierce competition in the local craft brewing markets. Sales figures took a hit.

Ending Production Of Popular Brews

In a surprising twist, production ceased for the beloved Christmas Ale after almost half a century.

This annual tradition, with its unique recipe changing yearly since 1975, left many disappointed.

As we delve into industry trends next, let’s keep these significant shifts at Anchor Brewing fresh in our minds.

Craft Brewery Industry Trends

It’s clear that the craft brewery sector has experienced a downturn in recent times.

Data from Brewers Association reveals a worrying trend for Anchor Brewing under Sapporo’s ownership.

The production of their iconic brews declined each year, with 2023 being the only exception.

Decline In Production At Anchor

This consistent drop in output is concerning and may point to larger issues within the company or sector as a whole.

State Of Craft Breweries According To Recent Data

National Intelligence Quotient (NIQ) data provided to Craft Business Daily suggests this isn’t an isolated incident but rather reflective of wider challenges facing craft breweries today.

Remembering Fritz Maytag

The craft beer scene mourns the loss of a legend, Fritz Maytag.

A pioneer in American brewing.

His contributions were monumental to what we now know as modern American craft beer culture.

Contributions of Fritz Maytag to the Craft Beer Scene

Fritz was not just any brewer; he revolutionized how America brewed and consumed beer.

  • Innovative techniques that challenged traditional brewing norms.
  • An unwavering commitment to quality over quantity, setting new standards for brewers nationwide.
  • Pioneered the resurgence of small independent breweries through his work at Anchor Brewing Company.

We raise our glasses high today in honor of this remarkable man who left an indelible mark on our beloved industry.


The story of Anchor Brewing is a reminder that even established institutions can face challenges in an ever-evolving market.

Its closure, after a century and a quarter of existence, symbolizes the conclusion of an epoch for America’s craft beer industry.

Declining sales, alleged mismanagement by Sapporo, COVID-19, and intense competition all played a part.

New ownership made changes too; limited distribution and ending popular brews didn’t help matters.

Fritz Maytag’s contributions to this iconic brand will always be remembered as we toast to its legacy one last time…

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