Winking Lizard Macedonia – “I Can Do Another 12,” Episode 035: @PFFMaestro welcomes a special guest on this episode, his dad! As our journey to find the ultimate chicken wing persists, we visited the Winking Lizard in Macedonia, Ohio. Renowned throughout Ohio for their delicious wings, savory burgers, and refreshing salads, they also boast a vast beer selection in a cozy setting. Of all their branches, this particular one stands out with its warm and welcoming staff. If you’re in the area, do drop by!

More About the Winking Lizard…

40 Remarkable Years of the Winking Lizard Tavern

In the dynamic landscape of bustling taverns and modern eateries, the Winking Lizard Tavern stands as a testament to enduring quality. This September, this iconic establishment commemorates a phenomenal milestone – 40 years of dedicated service, providing impeccable food, beverages, and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether it’s families, sports aficionados, or individuals seeking a casual night out, the Winking Lizard has consistently been their preferred destination.

Let’s dive into its rich history.

The Winking Lizard’s journey commenced in 1983 in Bedford Heights. Starting off modestly with a single TV, a concise menu, and a select beer list, the tavern swiftly secured its spot as the local favorite. Over the years, the menu evolved, most notably with the introduction of wings. The Tour of Beers feature soon followed, broadening the tavern’s beer selection and enhancing its appeal.

Contrary to popular belief, the Peninsula Lizard wasn’t the initial location; it was their third venture. The chain’s expansion began from Twinsburg, moving on to Macedonia, and further branching out to various regions in NE Ohio and Columbus. Over the decades, many of the Winking Lizard outlets underwent renovations or relocations, ensuring they catered to the evolving tastes and preferences of their patrons. For instance, the Canton branch saw a complete rebuild, and in 2007, the Bedford Heights outlet found a new home across its original parking lot.

Reflecting on the early days, the founder often reminisced about the thrill of achieving just over $100 in food sales on their debut day. The founder’s wife played a pivotal role, even contributing during their honeymoon. The journey, enriched with unwavering support from business associates like Fred Kobzowicz (from 1992) and the founder’s brother-in-law John Lane (from 1988), saw the brand flourish. As time passed, several family members integrated into the Winking Lizard family, many of whom remain dedicated contributors.

The magic behind the Winking Lizard’s longevity isn’t solely in its mouth-watering dishes but in the undying commitment of its team. The tavern boasts a diverse family of over 130 individuals, many of whom have dedicated more than a decade to its service. Their clientele, with many being the second or even third-generation patrons, view the Winking Lizard as a cherished locale for gatherings, sporting events, or relaxed evenings.

To the exceptional staff and devoted patrons of the Winking Lizard – heartfelt gratitude is in order. Their unwavering support across all outlets and communities has made the 40-year odyssey not only possible but incredibly enriching. Navigating the restaurant industry has its challenges, but with their continued loyalty and appreciation, the Winking Lizard hasn’t just survived, but thrived for four impressive decades. Here’s to many more years of excellence!

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