Erie Better Beer Reviews: Westbrook Mexican Cake (Port)

Craft beer aficionados, your thirst for genuine reviews is about to be quenched!

Coming straight from the discerning palettes of Mark Pyle and the Erie Better Beer Bureau crew, we present you with our insights on Westbrook Mexican Cake (Port). Hold onto your glasses; this brew is a delightful rollercoaster of tastes and aromas.

Beer Profile:

Brew: Westbrook Mexican Cake (Port)
ABV: A robust 10.5%
Bottled On: 10/26/17

Dive into the Taste:

The first sniff is nothing short of intoxicating. The dominant notes of port and chocolate ascend first, reminding you of a rich dessert. These are gently intertwined with subtle hints of berries and a pinch of cinnamon, creating an olfactory experience that’s both familiar and exotic.

One sip and you’re greeted by perfect carbonation, which accentuates the oak notes of the brew. This smoothly transitions into a sweet aftertaste, which lingers, making every sip feel like a treat. It’s a hearty port-infused brew with a spectrum of well-rounded flavors.

Blind Scores:
Our team’s verdict: 4.5, 4.5, and 4.25 – a testament to the brew’s exceptional quality and captivating flavor profile.For those keen on exploring more about this beer and others like it, dive into BreweryDB.

Stay Thirsty & Connected:
Here’s to bold brews and adventures that never end! Until next time, savor every sip. Cheers! 🍺🍰🍷

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