Craft Beer Review: Southern Tier Nitro Pumking by Erie Better Beer

Hello beer enthusiasts!

We’re back with another beer review, and this time, we’re diving into a seasonal favorite. Courtesy of Mark Pyle and our dedicated crew at the Erie Better Beer Bureau, we present our take on the Southern Tier Nitro Pumking, boasting a potent 8.6% alcohol content.


The first impression? It’s like diving nose-first into autumn. The aroma hints at creamy pumpkin, giving a nostalgic vibe of a freshly baked pumpkin pie, but here’s the twist – imagine that pie topped with a generous dollop of cool whip. Mellow yet evocative.


First sip in and the Nitro Pumking offers a smooth texture. The initial taste might seem flat, but give it a moment, and you’ll sense a late rise of spices that tantalizingly linger on the palate, making you yearn for another sip.

Blind Scores:

For those who like numbers, our team gave it a blind score:

  • 4.0
  • 3.75
  • 3.75

Now, while the Nitro Pumking has its merits, our personal preference leans more towards the regular Pumking. That said, we’re excited about the prospect of trying the Nitro version on draft – perhaps that might tilt our verdict!

For fellow beer aficionados who’d like to join us on our journey, or just want to stay updated with our latest reviews, catch us on: Here’s raising a toast to endless beer explorations and the remarkable craft behind it. A special shoutout to Southern Tier Brewing for brewing this intriguing concoction.

Cheers till the next one!

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