Troegs Mad Eld Grand Cru – Erie Better Beer Bureau’s Craft Beer Spotlight

By Mark Pyle

Greetings, craft beer aficionados! It’s Mark Pyle, back with the crew from the Erie Better Beer Bureau, and we’ve got another exquisite brew on our tasting table. This time, we’re diving deep into the flavors of Troegs Mad Eld Grand Cru. Hold onto your glasses because this one packs a punch at 11% alcohol!

Nose Notes: Upon the first whiff, there’s an enticing blend of spicy aromas. The mild ginger is particularly notable, complemented beautifully by a subtle hint of nutmeg. It’s a scent that invites you to take that first sip.

Troegs Mad Eld Grand Cru Taste Test: The beer greets your palate with sour cherries at the forefront, immediately making its presence felt. As it settles, there’s a distinct taste of Belgium yeast, a testament to its brewing roots. The tartness is just right, and the carbonation is excellent, adding to the overall experience of the beer.

Troegs Mad Eld Grand Cru Blind Scores: Our blind tasting session rendered some impressive scores for this brew. We rated it 4.5 and 4.25, signaling its high quality and the memorable experience it offers.

Troegs Mad Eld Grand Cru Final Thoughts: While the Mad Elf Grand Cru might be labeled as an Imperial Stout, its unique blend of flavors sets it apart. The balance between the spicy aroma, tartness, and carbonation makes for a beer experience worth revisiting.

So, the next time you’re in the mood for an exceptional stout with a twist, give Troegs Mad Eld Grand Cru a shot. Cheers until our next brew adventure!


Meet Tröegs Independent Brewing

Tröegs Independent Brewing is a well-known and respected brewery in the craft beer community. Here’s a brief overview:

1. History & Founding: Tröegs Independent Brewing was founded by brothers Chris and John Trogner. They started brewing in 1996 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and have since become one of the more recognized craft breweries in the region and the country.

2. Location: In 2011, Tröegs moved from Harrisburg to a larger, state-of-the-art facility in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This new location allowed them to expand their production and offer a broader range of experiences for visitors.

3. Core Beers: Tröegs has a variety of beers that have garnered respect and loyalty among craft beer enthusiasts. Some of their more iconic offerings include:

  • HopBack Amber Ale: A well-balanced amber with a notable hop profile.
  • Perpetual IPA: A nod to the continual hopping process, it’s a bright and citrusy IPA.
  • Troegenator Double Bock: A robust, malty lager.

4. Seasonal and Special Releases: Apart from their core beers, Tröegs is also known for their seasonal releases and one-off experiments. One of the most popular seasonal releases is the Mad Elf, a Belgian strong dark ale brewed with honey and cherries, which is especially sought-after around the holidays.

5. Scratch Series: Tröegs has a “Scratch Series” where they produce experimental and limited-edition beers. This allows them to be innovative and offers beer lovers the chance to taste unique brews.

6. Commitment to Sustainability: Tröegs has shown a commitment to sustainability. Their brewery includes features designed for energy efficiency and waste reduction. They’ve also worked towards sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible.

7. Tasting Room & Tours: Visitors to the brewery in Hershey can enjoy guided tours to learn about the brewing process and the history of Tröegs. Their tasting room and general store provide an opportunity to sample a wide range of their beers and purchase merchandise.

In the world of craft brewing, Tröegs Independent Brewing stands out for its consistent quality, innovation, and commitment to the craft. If you’re ever in the Hershey area, it’s worth a visit to experience their offerings firsthand. For more Pints content click here.

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