Erie Better Beer Reviews: Trillium Headroom (2017)

Hello, fellow beer connoisseurs!

Mark Pyle and the dedicated team at Erie Better Beer Bureau are back, and this time, we’re diving into the hops and fruits of Trillium Headroom (2017). Prepare to be taken on a flavorful journey with this outstanding Double IPA.

Beer Profile:

Brew: Trillium Headroom (2017)
Type: Double IPA (DIPA)
ABV: A potent 8%

Tasting Notes:

The fragrance packs a punch – it’s hearty, bold, and thick. Immediately, you’re treated to a fruity bouquet with dominant peach and mango notes. It’s inviting, setting the stage for what’s about to be a delightful tasting session.

The first sip presents an amalgamation of flavors. The tropical zest of mango and the sweet tartness of nectarine are evident. This gradually drifts into the trademark bitter/dank notes. Additionally, it’s hard to miss the ‘green’ character, a signature trait of a classic double IPA.

Blind Scores:
Our in-house experts have spoken – 4.5 and 4.75. This DIPA clearly has made an impression!

Trillium’s Headroom is a testament to how a Double IPA should be crafted. It’s flavorful yet balanced, offering layers of flavors that beckon you for one more sip.

For those curious to dive deeper into the realm of Trillium brews, do visit Trillium Brewing’s Official Page on Headroom Double IPA.

Stay Tuned & Toasty:
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Lifting our glasses to the masterful art of brewing and the joy of tasting. Till our next hop-filled rendezvous, Cheers! 🍻🍑🍋

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