By Annie Wilcox

San Diego Breweries and a Kid Friendly Environment!

San Diego County, this beautiful part of the world is also home to almost 100 breweries. We love our beer. From the lovely grounds of Stone Gardens (and Liberty Station and their rustic Farm, which will be written up another time), to the many tiny nano breweries (Booze Brothers is a current favorite, mellow vibe, friendly people, and good beer) in business parks scattered in most every corner of the county. Almost any type of beer you might want to sample.

The 20- and 30-something crowd also often have babies and/or kids in tow. Whether the beach (no beer allowed) or amusement park (We have figured out where to drink at Legoland!) or brewery (yes, close to 100 to choose from). Somehow it doesn’t have quite as bad of a reputation as at a bar (Seen Sweet Home Alabama? my mind often goes back to this clip before I remember how it really is fine to be at a brewery with kids….right?!). Ah well, we’re in good company as we’re rarely the only ones with kids.

When San Diego Breweries are discussed, a favorite of the IPA connoisseurs is usually Societe Brewing. Located down near bunches of others, it is a total standout. Clean, pretty space, and some amazing beers. And a barrel room that is hard at work making sours (can not WAIT!). With summer break happening right now, I’ve got free time and kids. Which equates to hanging out with friends for a beer or two, using the excuse of bringing back growlers for the husbands. Seems fair enough!

Patio space makes it easy for the grownups to watch the kids while they play hot wheels (one of our toys of choice), or have a snack without making a mess. Inside there is a piano with activities and games stacked on top of it. Musical instruments make me nervous when combined with high energy children. The younger kids (ages 3 & 5) darted to it, immediately started playing the keys. Thankfully, it is just loud enough in there that 15 feet away I could not hear them over other background noise (or music…was there music? I can’t remember). I went over, grabbed some games, got them distracted enough to sit and play some card games. Quite helpful.

Beer, perfection as always. Often a food truck on site to help keep the kids as well as beer drinkers content with snacks or meals. A couple of dogs lingered beside their owners, one enjoying the dog treats sold at the front counter. Obviously as dog friendly as it is kid friendly. I appreciate beer as much here as I do the vibe. Mellow, cool place with a really great tap list (photo shown of day we most recently went). Kids and dogs most welcome!

Part 2 Coming Monday!

Annie Wilcox

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