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From pineapple toppings to Chicago deep-dish debates, pizza enthusiasts are no strangers to topping controversies. But just when you thought the world of pizza toppings had reached its limit, along comes a fresh (or should we say, brined) newcomer: the Pickle Pizza. But what exactly is a “pickle pizza” and why has it become such a sensation on TikTok? Let’s dive into the cheesy details.

A Slice of the Trend

It might come as a surprise, but the hashtag #PicklePizza has amassed a whopping 16.4 million views on TikTok. If you’ve been shielded from this phenomenon, here’s the lowdown: People are putting pickles on their pizzas. And not just as a casual sprinkle—some are going all out, showcasing entire jars of pickles, stashed inside crusts or lavishly layered on top.

While pineapple on pizza has long held the crown for the most debated topping, it seems there’s a new contender in town. For some, pickling their pie isn’t a novel concept, having relished the combo for years. Yet, for others, the mere notion of combining dill and dough is a peculiar, albeit intriguing, palette proposition.

The Anatomy of a Pickle Pizza

If you’re wondering about the “traditional” way to craft a Pickle Pizza, there’s a general formula: Start with mozzarella cheese sprinkled over a base of ranch or garlic sauce, and top it all off with slices of dill pickles. The choice of dough, thick or thin, rests in your culinary hands.

However, as with all viral trends, there’s room for innovation. A swift TikTok scroll unveils an array of Pickle Pizza variations. Spice lovers are drizzling hot sauce or sprinkling red pepper flakes, while the truly pickle-passionate are embedding mini dills within the crust.

Big Brands Are Joining the Party

Recognizing the burgeoning trend, renowned pizza brands like DiGiorno have tossed their hat into the ring. In an unprecedented move, DiGiorno has melded two contentious toppings into one frozen delight: the Pineapple Pickle Pizza. And for those curious to sample this dual-trend treat, there’s even better news. They’re giving away this unique pizza for free, with the promotion kicking off on September 5 over at shopdigiorno.goodnes.com.

To Pickle or Not to Pickle?

Now that you’re versed in the world of Pickle Pizza, the question remains: Will you embrace the dill and dive in? Whether you’re a pizza purist or a topping trailblazer, we’re eager to hear your take. Drop your thoughts in the comments below. And remember, no matter where you stand on the Pickle Pizza debate, always reheat your leftovers to perfection!

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