Every year, East End Brewing Company (EEBC) throws a rather unique event- a Keg Ride. Since the brewery’s opening in 2004, they have been passionate about being an environmentally sustainable brewery. EEBC truly cares about our city and keeping it a beautiful place to live. A fun way to spread the news about how they operate as a near-zero waste brewery is by delivering the first Pedal Pale Ale kegs of the season by…..bicycle. Participants do not know where they are heading, but they are guaranteed some great sights and a cold beer at the end of the journey.

eastend beer advocate mag

On Saturday morning, all the Keg Ride participants were instructed to meet at the Brewery. We registered, grabbed a much needed caffeine boost from Commonplace Coffee, and listened to some good tunes courtesy of the Zombotron. Dan from Commonwealth Press set up shop in the Brewery’s parking lot to screen print 2014 Keg Ride tee-shirts. We witnessed the epic printing of Scott’s (the owner of EEBC) shirt for the ride. Their logo is pretty rad. Well done Commonwealth Press!


450+ thirsty Pittsburghers geared up for the 8 mile top-secret bike trip around Pittsburgh. We couldn’t have asked for a better morning. The sun was shining and the temperature was just right. The keg pullers were the leaders of this massive bike pack. They led us through the bustling streets of East Liberty. Then our impressive bike gang headed up to Highland Park Reservoir. That hill doesn’t look so daunting while driving a car, but while on a bike- it’s quite a haul, especially when you’re pulling a keg.

biking up highland park

Once we rode around Highland Park Reservoir, we regrouped at the entrance. Then, we were off to Bloomfield. There were a few serious riders who had stereosystems attached to their bikes. We definitely enjoyed those moments while biking next to them. Next time, I’m definitely rigging speakers to my bike basket. Hehe. Rolling right along, we biked to Lawrenceville. There was a fantastic view of Children’s Hospital.

biking towards childrens hospital

Then we cruised on down to the Strip District.

bikers and city

We saw some awesome Pittsburghers along the way.

happy keg ride poster

And this guy with a questionable yet festive bike “helmet”.

beer helmet

Finally, we ended up at the mystery location: The Pittsburgh Public Market. We couldn’t think of a more fitting place to sample the 2014 Pedal Pale Ale.  IT WAS AWESOME. Maybe it tasted so good because we biked 8 miles all around town to finally try it. But I’m pretty sure it’s just that good.

east end pedal pale ale

While waiting in line to get our hard earned brew, we stopped at Eliza’s Oven. It’s one of our must go-to places when we are visiting the PGH Public Market. She bakes all kinds of delicious boozy treats, like East End Barleywine pretzels and Hop-In-Lime Cupcakes (made with East End’s Big Hop). For this very special occasion, Eliza whipped up these insanely tasty cupcakes made with the coveted Pedal Pale Ale.

pedal pale ale cupcakes

Scott really seemed to enjoy the cupcake. Gone in one bite. Must have been hungry after pulling one of those heavy kegs!

cupcake1 cupcake2 cupcake3

Luckily for us, the Public Market carries ALL the awesome brews by EEBC. We got to try the PCBW collaboration brew by East End and Lavery called Rojo Ahumado or Red Smoke. It’s a Chili Smoked Amber Ale made with four different peppers. You can really taste smoky wood flavors with a hint of pepper heat. Definitely a tasty and creative offering for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.

eastend collab

Our first East End Keg Ride was incredible. We met some really awesome Pittsburghers and got to experience the city in a totally different way. The sights were breathtaking, and we rode away understanding and appreciating our unique city layout a little bit more. We truly have a beautiful city and we thank you East End Brewing Company for being such an environmentally responsible Pittsburgh business. And an equal thank you for brewing a mighty fine Pedal Pale Ale for 2014.

Proceeds went to support Billy Pepmeyer from Agents of Change Recycling who has been a great friend to the brewery. He is battling cancer and the EEBC community is lending a hand in his time of need.

Cheers N’at
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