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If you’re a coffee lover, then you’ve probably heard of nitro cold brew coffee. But what sets it apart from regular cold brew and hot brewed coffee? In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique brewing process that gives nitro cold brew its creamy mouthfeel and higher caffeine content.

We’ll also dive into how nitrogen gas is used to create those signature nitrogen bubbles in your cup. For those seeking a unique coffee experience, this post offers an exploration of the special brewing process behind nitro cold brew and its higher caffeine content. We’ll cover everything from how to make nitro cold brew at home to where you can find it at your local coffee shop.

Additionally, we’ll touch on some key differences between nitro cold brew and other popular drinks like sparkling water or added sugar-laden frappuccinos. You may be astounded by how straightforward it is to fit this delightful beverage into your everyday life!

So sit back, grab a mug (or glass), and let’s explore the wonderful world of nitro cold brew coffee together!


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What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Nitro cold brew coffee is a unique beverage made by steeping coffee grinds in cold water for multiple hours. This process creates a smoother taste with less bitter notes than traditional hot brewed coffee, making it an appealing option for those who don’t typically enjoy the taste of black coffee. The addition of nitrogen gas gives nitro cold brew its signature stout beer-like appearance and creamy texture that makes it stand out from other types of iced coffees or drinks.

The process behind making nitro cold brew begins with grinding up high quality specialty grade coffee beans into coarse grinds and then adding them to a container filled with filtered cold water. The mixture is left to steep overnight, allowing the flavors and aromas of the beans to infuse into the liquid before being strained through fine mesh filters. At this point, nitrogen gas is added under pressure via a pressurized valve which creates small bubbles that give nitro cold brew its distinct look and feel when poured into a glass or cup.

The result is an incredibly smooth cup of joe that has higher caffeine content than regular hot brewed coffee due to the extended steeping time but without any added sugar or sparkling water like many store bought iced coffees contain. Additionally, drinking nitro cold brew provides drinkers with more energy throughout their day thanks to its slow release properties caused by the nitrogen infusion combined with its rich flavor profile that can be enjoyed even without creamers or sweeteners. Finally, because it’s served at room temperature or slightly chilled rather than piping hot like regular hot brewed cups of Joe, you won’t have to worry about burning your tongue on those scorching summer days.

Nitro cold brew coffee is an intriguing and tasty iced java that has been blended with nitrogen to generate a smooth, velvety feel. By understanding how the infusion process works, you can better appreciate the flavor and complexity of this speciality beverage.

Key Takeaway: Nitro cold brew coffee is a unique, flavorful beverage made by steeping ground beans in cold water and infusing them with nitrogen gas. It has higher caffeine content than hot brewed coffee without added sugar or sparkling water, making it an ideal drink for those looking to get more energy throughout the day without burning their tongue on scorching summer days.

How Does Nitrogen Infusion Work?

Nitrogen infusion is the key to making nitro cold brew coffee. Nitrogen gas is infused into already-cold-brewed coffee, creating smaller bubbles than carbon dioxide would produce and resulting in a smooth mouthfeel similar to beer foam. To understand how nitrogen infusion works, let’s look at the difference between regular cold brew and nitro cold brew.

By allowing ground coffee beans to steep in either room temperature or chilled water for a lengthy period, typically 12 hours or more, cold brew is created; it has higher caffeine levels than hot brewed coffee without the added sugar and sparkling water found in some iced coffees. The result is a strong, concentrated cup of coffee with higher caffeine content than hot brewed coffee but no added sugar or sparkling water like you get from some iced coffees.

On the other hand, nitro cold brew takes regular cold brew one step further by infusing it with nitrogen gas under pressure through a pressurized valve system that creates tiny bubbles throughout the beverage giving it its signature creamy mouthfeel without adding any extra calories or sugar. This also produces a smoother flavor profile compared to regular cold brew, making it attractive for coffee enthusiasts seeking something fresh and distinctive from their customary cup of java.

The process behind nitrogen infusion requires special equipment such as kegs and valves so it’s not something you can do at home easily; however, there are plenty of specialty shops offering freshly poured nitro drinks that make getting your daily dose easy. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy your morning java or just want to treat yourself after work with something special – try out some delicious nitro today.

Nitrogen infusion is a process that allows for nitrogen to be infused into cold brew coffee, resulting in an enhanced flavor and smoother texture. This technology has revolutionized the way we enjoy our daily cup of joe. Moving on, let’s explore some of the benefits associated with drinking nitro cold brew.

Key Takeaway: Nitro cold brew coffee is a unique twist on regular cold brew that uses nitrogen infusion to create an ultra-smooth, creamy beverage. It requires special equipment like kegs and valves, but it’s easy to find nitro drinks at specialty shops – so why not treat yourself with something different today?

Benefits of Drinking Nitro Cold Brew

Brewing java with nitrogen gas is a new trend that has been gaining traction in recent times. Nitro cold brew is made by infusing cold-brewed coffee concentrate with nitrogen gas and then served from a pressurized valve, creating an incredibly smooth and creamy mouthfeel without any added sugar or cream. This type of drink provides higher caffeine content than regular hot brewed or iced coffees due to its longer brewing time at room temperature. Coffee lovers everywhere are now turning to nitro cold brew for its unique flavor profile and texture that can’t be found anywhere else.

The lower acidity levels of nitro cold brew make it easier on sensitive stomachs compared to traditional hot brewed varieties, making it the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy their daily cup of joe without any unwanted side effects. Additionally, since no additional calories are added through milk/sugar like lattes do, you can rest assured knowing your morning pick-me-up won’t have any extra baggage attached.

Another great benefit of drinking nitro cold brew is its versatility – this type of drink can be enjoyed anytime during day whether you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or something refreshing after dinner. No waiting is necessary to enjoy the pre-chilled nitro cold brew, making it a convenient option for any time of day. Plus, if you want some extra fizziness in your cup add some sparkling water – just don’t forget about the nitrogen bubbles which give this beverage its signature creaminess.

Given its great taste and health benefits, it is no surprise that nitro cold brew has become a popular choice for coffee drinkers. Not only does it taste great but also comes with numerous health benefits as well. Therefore, if you are a serious coffee enthusiast looking for something different than what your local cafe has on offer – try out nitro cold brew today and experience all the amazing benefits firsthand.

Drinking nitro cold brew offers a variety of health benefits, including improved digestion and increased energy levels. By utilizing Murthy’s Inline System, Nitro Coffee Club is able to offer the highest quality product while also minimizing its environmental impact.

Key Takeaway: Nitro cold brew is quickly becoming a go-to coffee for many, with its velvety texture and higher caffeine content providing an energizing boost. It’s a great way to enjoy your morning cup of joe without any added calories or stomach-upsetting acidity levels – plus it can be enjoyed anytime during the day. So don’t miss out on this trend – jump onboard and experience all that nitro cold brew has to offer.

Murthy’s Inline System & Sustainability

Murthy’s Inline System is revolutionizing the way nitrogen-infused drinks are served. By using ambient air instead of compressed nitrogen gas cylinders, Murthy’s Inline System offers an efficient and sustainable solution for cafes, restaurants, and even mobile carts.

The process starts with a NitroBrew system that uses ambient nitrogen to infuse beverages with up to 100 parts per million of nitrogen without requiring additional equipment or expensive infrastructure changes. This means businesses can reduce their environmental impact by eliminating the need for costly transportation of heavy gas cylinders. Additionally, this system requires no electricity or other energy sources so it can be used anywhere there is access to air – from busy city streets to remote locations in nature.

Another benefit of Murthy’s Inline System is its cost savings potential when compared to traditional methods of serving nitro-infused drinks. Since it doesn’t require any extra equipment or infrastructure changes, businesses can save money on upfront costs as well as ongoing maintenance fees associated with traditional systems that use compressed gas cylinders.

Murthy’s Inline System also helps businesses reduce waste production since there are no disposable components like plastic cups or straws needed for serving nitro cold brew coffee drinks. This makes it easier for companies to adhere to green initiatives while still offering delicious cold brew coffee beverages infused with nitrogen bubbles.

Murthy’s Inline System is an efficient and sustainable way to produce nitro cold brew coffee, ensuring that customers can enjoy a great tasting cup of joe without compromising the environment. With this in mind, let us explore the different types of coffee suitable for cold brewing.

Key Takeaway: Murthy’s Inline System is a revolutionary, cost-effective way to enjoy nitrogen-infused drinks without the need for expensive gas cylinders. It offers an environmentally friendly solution with no additional energy costs and reduces waste production, allowing businesses to easily meet green initiatives while serving delicious nitro cold brew coffee.

Types of Coffee Suitable for Cold Brewing

Not all coffees are suitable for cold brewing, so it is important to choose a coffee specifically designed for this method. For the best results, you’ll want to choose a coffee that is specifically designed for cold brew. The most popular types of beans used in nitro cold brew are medium-dark roasts and light-medium roasts with low acidity levels. Medium-dark roasts have an intense flavor profile that stands up well against the nitrogen infusion process while light-medium roasts offer a sweeter, more mellow taste that pairs nicely with milk or cream.


Nitro Coffee Club

When selecting your beans for nitro cold brew, look for those labeled as “cold brewed” or “nitrogen infused” which indicates they have been roasted and blended specifically for this method of brewing. You can also look out for specialty blends such as Guatemalan Antigua or Ethiopian Yirgacheffe which are known to produce excellent results when used in nitro coffee recipes.

For those looking for an extra kick, French Roast blends or Sumatran Mandheling Coffee Beans are the way to go as they provide a higher caffeine content without being overly acidic or bitter. These beans have been specially roasted and blended to produce optimal results when used in nitro cold brew recipes. For maximum potency, these beans are the way to go.

Finally, keep an eye out for certifications such as Fair Trade Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified which guarantee sustainable farming practices were followed during the production process and ensure that farmers receive fair wages and working conditions throughout their supply chain. This helps support local communities around the world while providing consumers with ethically sourced products they can feel good about drinking.

Cold-brewing coffee offers a smooth and balanced cup of joe, free from the bitterness and acidity associated with hot-brewed methods. By understanding what types of beans are best suited for cold brew, you can maximize your enjoyment from this delightful beverage. Now let’s explore how nitro technology is revolutionizing the way we serve drinks like nitro cold brew coffee.

Key Takeaway: Nitro cold brew coffee is best achieved with medium-dark or light-medium roasts that have low acidity levels. Specialty blends such as Guatemalan Antigua and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe are ideal for producing the perfect nitro recipe, while French Roast or Sumatran Mandheling beans offer a higher caffeine kick. Consumers should look out for certifications like Fair Trade Certified to ensure ethically sourced products they can feel good about drinking.

How Nitro Technology is Revolutionizing Beverage Serving

Nitro technology is revolutionizing the way we serve beverages. By combining brewing techniques with innovative dispensing methods, nitro-infused drinks are becoming increasingly accessible to everyone from grocery stores to local cafes. With its unique texture and creamy taste, nitro cold brew coffee has become a popular choice for day drinkers looking for something new and exciting.

Canned and bottled versions of nitro cold brew can now be found in most major retailers, making it easy for customers to try this delicious beverage at home or on the go. Companies like Starbucks have even added menu items featuring combinations of flavors like ice cream and nitro cold brew. The ubiquity of nitro cold brew in stores is shifting how we view and consume non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day.

The infusion process used in nitrogenized drinks adds an extra layer of complexity that sets them apart from other types of coffee or tea. Nitrogen bubbles create a smooth yet robust flavor profile as well as a velvety foam head which gives these drinks their signature look and feel. The low acidity level makes them ideal for those who may experience digestive issues with regular hot brewed coffee while still providing all the benefits associated with caffeine consumption such as increased alertness and energy levels throughout the day.

Murthy’s Inline System is one example of how companies are utilizing nitrogen technology in order to produce high quality canned coffees that stay fresh longer than traditional brewing methods would allow – up to three weeks after opening. This system ensures consistent carbonation levels so customers can enjoy a perfect cup every time they open their cans without worrying about over or under carbonation ruining their drink’s flavor profile. Additionally, Murthy’s commitment to sustainability means each can is recyclable once empty so you don’t have any waste piling up around your house.

Nitro tech is transforming the way we quaff drinks, making it simpler to savor a cool and invigorating beverage. By understanding how nitro works, you can now make your own DIY nitro cold brew at home for an even more enjoyable experience.

Key Takeaway: Nitro cold brew coffee is quickly becoming a popular choice for day drinkers looking to try something new, thanks to its unique texture and creamy taste. Companies such as Murthy’s are using nitrogen technology in order to produce high quality canned coffees that stay fresh longer than traditional brewing methods, making nitro cold brew more accessible and sustainable for everyone.

DIY Nitro Cold Brew at Home

Brewing your own nitro cold brew at home is a great way to experience the creamy texture and bubbles of coffee shop-style drinks without having to go out. Nitrogen infusion kits make it easy for anyone to make small-batch cold brews infused with nitrogen gas in the comfort of their own home.

A cold-brewed coffee concentrate, prepared by soaking freshly ground beans in cool H2O for a lengthy period of time, produces an exceptionally smooth and concentrated liquid that can be served over ice or with added fizzing water to give you a boost. The difference between regular cold brew and nitro cold brew comes down to the addition of nitrogen gas which gives it its signature creamy texture and higher caffeine content than hot brewed coffees.

When making nitro cold brew at home, you’ll need an infuser kit that includes instructions on how to use it properly along with all necessary equipment such as pressurized valves, filters, tubing etc You’ll also need freshly ground coffee beans, filtered water (cold or room temperature), sugar (optional) and some patience. The process takes about 20 minutes start to finish but results are worth every second – your finished product will have an ultra smooth taste with zero bitterness due to lack of heat extraction during brewing process.

The biggest benefit of DIYing your own nitro cold brew is being able to customize each batch according to personal preference – add more sugar if desired or experiment with different types of beans until you find one that suits your palate best. Additionally, making nitro at home saves money compared to buying from specialty shops; just one batch can yield up two weeks worth of drinks so no need worry about running out anytime soon.

Overall, DIYing nitro at home is a relatively straightforward process even for novice brewers – just follow the directions carefully and then sit back and enjoy a delicious cup of joe right away without breaking the bank. For those seeking greater control over their coffee experience, DIY nitro could be the perfect solution.

DIY Nitro Cold Brew at Home is an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy delicious cold brew coffee. Creating various nitro cold brew beverages is achievable with the right recipes, enabling you to tailor your experience to suit any preference. Now let’s explore some popular nitro cold brew recipes.

Key Takeaway: DIYing your own nitro cold brew at home is a breeze and can save you some serious cash. Plus, it gives you the freedom to customize each batch according to personal preference for an ultra-smooth cup of joe without breaking the bank.

Nitro Cold Brew Recipes

Nitro cold brew is a delicious and versatile beverage that can be enjoyed in many different ways. From adding milk or cream to creating unique cocktails using this delicious drink as an ingredient, there are countless recipes out there waiting to be discovered. Here are some great recipes featuring nitro cold brew that you can concoct at home or order from your nearby cafe.

The classic nitro cold brew recipe is the perfect way to enjoy a cup of nitrogen-infused coffee. All you need is freshly ground coffee beans, filtered water, and a Nitro Coffee Club system for brewing. Simply add your desired amount of grounds into the filter basket, pour over filtered water, place the lid on top and let it steep overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning all you have to do is connect your keg system with CO2 cartridges and enjoy your smooth creamy cup of nitro cold brew.

For those looking for something sweeter than traditional black coffee then vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew might just hit the spot. After soaking 2 ounces of coarsely ground coffee beans in 32 ounces of filtered water overnight, strain the mixture before serving with ice cubes and a blend of heavy whipping cream and organic vanilla extract. In the morning strain off any excess grounds before pouring into a chilled glass filled with ice cubes and stirring in one tablespoon each of heavy whipping cream and pure organic vanilla extract until fully dissolved – voila – creamy sweetened nitrogen-infused goodness awaits.

Mix up a batch of Irish Cream Nitro Cold Brew Cocktail for the ultimate in boozy coffee treats. Start by combining two parts nitrogen-infused cold brewed espresso with one part whiskey (or vodka), three tablespoons Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur, one teaspoon honey syrup, two teaspoons chocolate syrup and several drops bitters if desired into an ice-filled shaker tin. Give it a vigorous shake for 15 seconds before straining contents into rocks glasses filled with fresh ice cubes – cheers to the perfect pick me up. Keywords: Nitrogen-Infused Cold Brewed Espresso, Whiskey/Vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur, Honey Syrup, Chocolate Syrup, Bitters

No matter what your flavour preference may be when it comes to drinking nitro cold brew, there’s sure to be a beverage that will please even the most particular of taste buds. Don’t hesitate to experiment until you find something truly special – happy sipping everyone.

Key Takeaway: For a truly unique and delicious drinking experience, try making one of the many nitro cold brew recipes available. From classic black coffee to creamy sweetened varieties, or even boozy cocktails – there’s something for everyone. Get creative and experiment with different flavors until you find your perfect cup.


It’s nitrogen infusion technology makes it unique and revolutionary, while its sustainability options make it even more appealing. Whether you choose to buy pre-made nitro cold brew or decide to DIY at home with our Murthy’s Inline System, there are endless recipes that will tantalize your taste buds. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee has something for everyone.

Join the Nitro Coffee Club today and get access to delicious nitro cold brew coffee for a fraction of what you’d pay at your local cafe. With our affordable subscription plans, you can enjoy quality craft coffee every day without breaking the bank!

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