Lobster Meets Pho: A Unique Culinary Adventure on Rockside Road

Lobster paired with pho might not strike you as a typical blend. But at a quaint restaurant situated in a plaza on Rockside Road in Independence, this unique pairing is just the beginning. “Lobster & Pho” brings together Vietnamese flavors, classic seafood, and cajun seafood boils in a way that can only be described as delightful.

Admittedly, the concept may seem peculiar. Yet, a video glimpse of the establishment on their Facebook page left me intrigued and eager to explore.

One chilly evening, the allure of a piping hot bowl of pho beckoned us. Curiosity piqued, we ventured into this enigmatic eatery. The welcoming sight of large tanks filled with live lobsters greeted us as we entered. Interestingly, the setup incorporates a bar that seamlessly extends into the dining space, imparting an unexpected sports pub ambiance, courtesy of numerous televisions lining the walls.

Our culinary journey began with a serving of vegetarian egg rolls. Fresh from the fryer, their deliciousness surprised us, especially given the absence of meat.

For mains, while my husband settled for the traditional Pho Tai ($10), a classic with rare beef in their signature broth, I dared to go with their Signature Spicy Beef Pho ($12), a spicy blend of rare steak and beef shank. This choice proved to be the highlight of our meal. Its zestful broth was contrasted by the regular broth which, in my opinion, was a tad underwhelming, though my husband found it satisfactory. However, compared to other pho joints in Cleveland, it had room for improvement.

For those visiting around midday, the restaurant boasts a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal on specific pho bowls from Monday to Friday, between 11 am to 4 pm. And if you’re around during the week, you can indulge in their Happy Hour.

Rumors of their exquisite fried lobster tail have reached my ears, ensuring a future visit. Their seafood boils have also piqued my interest, with the pricing being reasonable.

Lobster & Pho offers something fresh and enticing in the Independence culinary scene. Be it a quick stop or seeking solace on a stormy day, their warm pho is a comforting choice. And when I do sample that fried lobster, a culinary update is guaranteed!

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