Lobster and pho is not just a combination that you normally would come up with. However a little restaurant at a plaza on Rockside Road in Independence has done that. . .and more. Lobster & Pho can be a mashup of Vietnamese, seafood and cajun seafood boils.

It sounds strange but once I saw a movie in their FB page, I still had to take a look.

On a new cold night, we were enticed in by thoughts of a steamy bowl of pho, and led there to find out what this crazy looking restaurant was similar to. Since you walk , you are greeted by large tanks of live lobsters. There’s a bar area that’s open to the living area. It has a strange sports pub vibe thanks to many TVs all around the dining room area.

We started off the meal by sharing with the vegetarian egg rolls. These certainly were served fresh out of the fryer and were very yummy considering that they didn’t include any meat to flavor.

My husband moved with the standard Pho Tai ($10) with rare beef in the house beef broth, however I decided to take a chance on the Signature Spicy Beef Pho ($12) a combo of rare steak & beef shank at a distinctive hot beef broth.

Boy am I glad I did! It was definitely the star of our meal. There is a nice kick into the flavorful broth. I didn’t really like the conventional broth but my husband thought it was”okay”. The flavor was just a little off to me personally – maybe not dreadful, but not up to par with all the other definitely better pho options in Cleveland.

If you are within area for lunch, then they still do have a lunch special for purchase get one particular pho half off. It’s limited to P2, P3, P4, and P5 bowls Monday – Friday 11am – 4pm. In addition they offer Happy Hour during the week.

I Have heard that the fried lobster tail really is so amazing so I’ll definitely be coming sometime to decide to take to this. The fish boils sound very good and the prices aren’t bad.

Lobster and Pho absolutely fills a void at the Freedom dining arena. If we’re in a hurry or perhaps the weather is terrible, I would certainly return to the hot pho. While I decide to try the fried lobster, I will definitely report back!

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