Erie Better Beer Reviews: Lavery The Weight (Rye Whiskey)

Greetings craft beer enthusiasts! The team at Erie Better Beer is back with another enticing review, this time spotlighting Lavery The Weight, a rye whiskey-inspired creation. Brought to you by Mark Pyle and the spirited lads of the Erie Better Beer Bureau, we’re diving deep into this intoxicating concoction.

Beer Profile:
Brew: Lavery The Weight (Rye Whiskey)
ABV: 7.2%

Taste Test Insights:

One can’t help but be immediately captivated by the robust wood aroma that greets you. This scent is closely followed by spicy rye notes, oak, and a hint of dry English malt. It’s a symphony of fragrances that promises a rich tasting experience.

Each sip presents a delightful dance of flavors. The dominant taste of dry wood blends seamlessly with the oak that emerges towards the finish. And just when you think the dance is over, a subtle bitter dark chocolate makes its presence known. Despite its relatively low ABV, the beer surprises with an impeccable carbonation and a creamy texture.

Blind Scores:
Both reviewers gave it a commendable score of 4.0, echoing the beer’s quality and unique taste profile.

For those yearning to know more about this brew or explore other offerings, check out Lavery Brewing Company.

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