When it comes to drinking beer at home, you mainly have three ways to enjoy it: from a can, from a bottle, or from a growler. Some people take the time to build kegerators, but for the average craft beer enthusiast, those three things fill our shelves and fridges at home. Bottles and growlers don’t seal well enough to keep beer fresh for long, big-beer releases don’t always make it to bottles or cans, and kegerators are huge, and a pain to clean. SYNEK Draft System is the perfect solution.

What is the SYNEK Draft System? It is the first ever crowdsourced beer dispenser that dispenses beer from one-time use cartridges, specially designed for beer. Unlike cans/bottles, our cartridges can be filled using a simple adapter—giving access to unlimited variety. Plus, our dispenser is pressurized and self-refrigerated, extending shelf-life well past growlers. SYNEK ™ has the convenience of a Keurig™ coffee machine and the variety of an iPod™. Check out the video for their KickStarter below!

The greatest thing in my mind is the idea that you can get the best beers possible at the peak of freshness right at your fingertips. SYNEK ™ founder, Steve Young, understands that there has to be a way to preserve the art that the brewer made so that the consumer gets their product in perfect condition.

We see craft breweries as they really are: an industry of small business owners who have put everything at risk to chase their dreams of independence and to better serve their communities. Every day they wake up, they strive to achieve the ‘unobtainable’ perfect beer so they can share their discovery with one another. They believe that beer is not only an art and a science, but most importantly a lifestyle… It is all about serving brewers and getting their creation into the hands of the people who matter to them.

SYNEK ™ is composed of two main parts: A cartridge, and a dispenser.

Specs (more details will be provided the day of launch):


Holds 128 oz or about 11 (12 fl oz) beers
Ships flat, oxygen-deprived, and sanitary – ready to be filled
7 layer bag is ultra insulated to lock in freshness
Holds intense pressure – well in excess of boxed wine bags
Outer metallic film rejects UV rays to prevent oxidation
Includes a pressure release valve to reduce leaks
Barrier qualities comparable to bottles
Recyclable but not reusable
Costs will be comparable to bottles for homebrewers


Chills beer with cooling system
Includes thermostat to fine tune freshness
Pressurizes chamber using CO2
Includes pressure valve to manage foam/carbonation
Front window allows you to see the beer being dispensed inside
Drip tray included for messy pours
Dimensions are yet to be defined but will take up as much countertop space as a standard toaster oven
The dispenser will cost less than a kegerator (specific pricing released on Kickstarter launch)

While the Kickstarter date is still unreleased, they have a $250,000 goal they are trying to reach. They have set an embargo date of June 16, 2014, and anyone who orders a unit should expect to see their SYNEK™ in early 2015. This looks like an awesome device, one I’m sure I’ll have in my home!


The Brew Review Crew

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