Frank’s Place on Market – Akron, Ohio

“I Can Do Another 12” Podcast Episode 045: We finally get over to Frank’s Place and score some amazing chicken wings on New Year’s Eve!

Welcome back to “I Can Do Another 12” podcast, where we explore the best of local eats and treats! In episode 045, we’re excited to feature Frank’s Place on Market, an Akron gem that’s recently been voted the #3 Neighborhood Bar by Akron Beacon’s Best! Here’s our delightful dive into what makes Frank’s Place the talk of the town.

Frank’s Place: A Community Staple

Frank’s Place on Market isn’t just any bar; it’s a community staple where every visit feels like coming home. Owned by the charismatic Mr. Frank Horvath, this establishment promises good times and great food, unexpected from a typical neighborhood bar. Thanks to its unique vibe and dedicated staff, Frank’s Place has become a beloved gathering spot in Akron.

A Kitchen Evolving with Passion

Starting with just a small electric fryer and a burger press 30 years ago, the kitchen at Frank’s Place has evolved into a compact culinary powerhouse. Under Horvath’s direction, it now offers an array of elevated bar food. Every Wednesday, locals flock to the bar for specials ranging from mussels with chorizo to delightful frittatas, not to mention the much-anticipated Hungarian paprikash with spaetzle served the first Wednesday of each month.

The Secret Sauce: Diverse Culinary Expertise

The kitchen’s success is a testament to the diverse culinary backgrounds of its staff. Take Kokolari, for instance, whose Eastern European roots bring a unique flair to the Hungarian paprikash, earning high praises from Horvath himself. The addition of chef Paul Ackman, with his experience from the Blue Heron, promises to infuse the menu with new, exciting dishes.

More Than Just Food: A Melting Pot of Joy

Frank’s Place is renowned for more than just its food. It’s a melting pot of patrons from all walks of life, and it’s the laughter, smiles, and stories shared within its walls that truly define its essence. As Ackman puts it, looking at the bustling place filled with joy makes him realize he’s part of something special.

Our Chicken Wing Experience: Left Us Craving More!

During our visit, we couldn’t help but indulge in their famous chicken wings, and let’s just say, we were left wanting more! The wings, crispy on the outside and succulently juicy inside, tossed in a heavenly sauce, were nothing short of a flavor explosion.

Join Us at Frank’s Place!

If you’re ever in Akron and looking for a place that promises a good time and exceptional food, make your way to Frank’s Place on Market. Whether it’s for the community feel, the diverse and delicious menu, or the simple joy of good company, Frank’s Place stands out as a beacon of neighborhood camaraderie and culinary delight.

So here’s to Frank’s Place, where every visit is an experience to cherish! Join us next time on “I Can Do Another 12” as we continue to explore local delights that keep our community and taste buds buzzing!


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