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Ever been in the kitchen, a pair of fresh crab legs staring back at you, and thought, “Now what?” Well, friend, this is your moment. Your path to becoming the seafood maestro everyone admires starts here.

We’ve all been there—stuck between craving delicious crab and not knowing how to tackle those daunting shells. But don’t worry! I’m about to share some super simple ways for you to cook crab legs like a pro.

This guide will be your trusty sidekick as we journey through picking out prime crab meat at the store right down to creating mouthwatering dishes that would make any sea creature envious. Ready? Let’s dive into these easy ways of cooking crab legs! *This post may contain affiliate links which means Pints, Forks & Friends may receive commission for purchases made through links. We only recommend products that we personally believe in and use. Learn more on our Privacy Policy page.

Choosing and Storing Crab Legs

For me, nothing surpasses the delectable flavor of crab legs. How can you select the finest crab legs at your local US supermarket? And once you’ve got them home, what’s the secret to storing these tasty crustaceans? Don’t worry; I’m here with all the answers.

Picking Perfect Crab Legs

First things first: choosing quality crab legs is crucial. Now, most American grocery stores sell frozen crab legs. You might be thinking that fresh is always best but not in this case. With crabs being caught mostly in Alaska or Russia then shipped around the world – freezing them right on board keeps ’em fresh.

The trick lies in finding ones that look full and heavy for their size – just like when picking a good watermelon. More weight often means more meat inside those shells.

You’ll want to avoid any packages where ice crystals have formed as this could indicate they’ve been thawed and refrozen which affects texture and flavor (not exactly mouthwatering.). Trust me folks – it’s one stat we can’t ignore: Stat 9 shows only about 10% of supermarket crab legs are high-quality.

To Freeze or Not To Freeze?

Moving onto storage – let’s set something straight from get-go. Your new seafood pals should either go straight into your refrigerator if you plan on eating within two days (think dinner party), otherwise pop ’em directly into your freezer for up to three months (Stat 10). The last thing anyone wants is wasted food because they didn’t store properly.

Remember though, just like that secret stash of chocolate in the back of your freezer, don’t forget about them. The flavor and texture can change if they’re left forgotten for too long. Don’t be part of the ‘forgotten crab legs’ population decline.

Thawing Your Crab Legs

If you’ve decided to freeze your crabs (great choice by the way), make sure you thaw them correctly. Overnight in a refrigerator is best – this slow defrost keeps their taste and texture on point.

Key Takeaway: Choosing crab legs that look full and heavy, just like a good watermelon, is the key to finding quality ones. Don’t let ice crystals on packages fool you – it could mean they’ve been thawed and refrozen. If you’re not planning a feast within two days, freeze your seafood buddies immediately for up to three months. Make sure to thaw them slowly in the fridge when you’re ready for a seafood extravaganza.

Different Types of Crab Legs

Crab legs, a delicacy that graces the plates in many American homes and restaurants, come in an array of varieties. Let’s dive into the oceanic world to understand three popular types: king crab, snow crab, and dungeness crab.

King Crab Legs

A royal feast for seafood lovers indeed. King crabs, boasting their enormous size and distinctive taste profile, often steal the spotlight at dinner tables. Unlike other crustaceans sold individually or in clusters, these majestic creatures usually sell by weight due to their hefty nature.

The leg span can reach up to six feet from tip-to-tip on larger males – talk about a long-reigning monarch of all crabs. They pack meaty goodness within those sturdy shells that require more than just your average cutlery set; think ‘swords’. A crab cracker might be handy.

Snow Crab Legs

Moving further north into chillier waters we meet another crowd favorite – the snow crabs. Not as big as their ‘royal’ counterparts but what they lack in size they make up with sweet delicate flavor profiles perfect for pairing with melted butter dips or garlic lemon sauces. Snow Crabs, also known as queen crabs are typically found piled high on buffets or served chilled over ice at parties.

Beyond being scrumptious, snow crabs have a reputation for their easily crackable shells. They’re a perfect choice if you’re looking to avoid any potential ‘crab-fights’ during dinner.

Dungeness Crab Legs

From the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest comes our third contender – Dungeness Crabs. While they might not have legs as long as king or snow crabs, Dungenesses make up for it with their incredibly flavorful meat that is both sweet and slightly nutty.

If you’ve ever wanted to try crab dipping sauce, this would be your chance. Dipping those tender morsels in a tangy sauce is a delightful experience.

Preparing Crab Legs for Cooking

But to get that deliciousness, there’s some prep work involved.

Thawing Frozen Crab Legs

Let’s start with thawing those frozen crab legs. The safest way is in the refrigerator overnight. Yes, it needs a bit of planning but believe me, your patience will pay off when you bite into that juicy crab meat.

A quick tip – if time isn’t on your side and you need to speed up things, use cold water instead. Just make sure not to let them sit in water too long or they’ll lose flavor.

Arranging Crab Legs on a Baking Sheet

Moving onto arranging those now-thawed crab legs on a baking sheet or steamer basket for cooking. Lay out each leg so it has its own space; think sunbathing at the beach where everyone wants their slice of sunshine without overlapping towels. This helps ensure even cooking.

You can also use rimmed baking sheets which help catch any juices during cooking (and trust me there WILL be juice.). A single layer works best here – we don’t want our little crustacean friends suffocating under layers.

“Arrange your soon-to-be-delicious-crab-legs like chess pieces on a board.”

Now we’ve laid down all this knowledge about how to cook these beauties properly – let’s take another crack at cracking open more culinary skills.

Note:While preparing and handling raw seafood always remember cleanliness is next to godliness…or good healthiness.

That was just preparation folks. In our following posts, I’m going to reveal how to steam, grill and even Instant Pot your way into crab leg heaven. So, stay tuned for the ultimate guide on cooking methods for crab legs.

But until then remember: good things come to those who bait…or in this case wait. And with that thought I bid you happy cooking.

Key Takeaway: Perfectly cooked crab legs start with proper prep. Thaw them in the fridge overnight or speed things up using cold water, but don’t let them sit too long to preserve flavor. Arrange each leg individually on a baking sheet for even cooking and expect plenty of juice. Always prioritize cleanliness when handling raw seafood. And remember, we’re not done yet – stick around for more tips on steaming and grilling.

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Cooking Methods for Crab Legs

Obtaining some scrumptious crab legs is only the first step; now it’s time to cook them up perfectly. The other half? Cooking them to perfection. We’ve got you covered with four easy ways: using an Instant Pot, steaming, grilling, and baking in the oven.

Cooking Crab Legs in an Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a great choice for getting those scrumptious crab legs prepared quickly and easily. It’s fast and retains all those succulent flavors that make crabs so tasty.

To start off, pour two cups of water into the pot along with your choice of herbs or lemon wedges (stat 5). Then place a trivet at the bottom and arrange thawed crab legs on top (stat 6). Close up your Instant Pot tightly before setting it to ‘Steam’ mode for about 4-7 minutes depending on leg lengthwise (stats 7 & 8).

Steaming Crab Legs

For a classic, effective way of cooking, why not give steaming a try? To begin this process, get yourself a large pot – one that has enough room for both water and a raised platform where you’ll put your precious cargo – those mouthwatering crustaceans.

Add just enough water till it hits below said platform then crank up the heat until steam starts forming. Pile in as many crab legs as possible without overcrowding them— remember they need their personal space too. Steam these beauties until fully heated through, which typically takes around five minutes but could vary by size (stats 4 & 6).

Grilling Crab Legs

A grill isn’t just for burgers and hot dogs, it can give your crab legs a smoky flavor that’s absolutely divine. Here’s the trick: wrap those lovely limbs in aluminum foil with some butter and garlic cloves (stat 2).

If you’re craving more charred flavors, just leave the crab legs on the grill a bit longer. Just remember to turn them occasionally for even grilling. Happy cooking.

Key Takeaway: Mastering the art of cooking crab legs isn’t as tricky as it seems. From harnessing the convenience of an Instant Pot, to traditional steaming methods, even firing up your grill for a smoky twist – there’s no shortage of ways to achieve seafood perfection. All you need is some water, herbs or lemon wedges and a touch of patience.

FAQs in Relation to Easy Ways to Cook Crab Legs

What is the best way to cook crab legs at home?

Steaming is your best bet. It preserves flavor, retains moisture and takes only about 5-7 minutes for a tender result.

What’s the easiest way to cook frozen crab legs?

Frozen crab legs shine when boiled. Simply drop them in seasoned boiling water and they’re ready within 10 minutes.

Is it better to boil or bake crab legs?

Baking offers deep flavors but requires more prep time. Boiling delivers quick, juicy results. Choose based on time available and taste preference.

How to cook crab for beginners?

A beginner should start with steaming – it’s simple, fast and lets you savor the true essence of fresh seafood without much hassle.


From the market to your table, you’ve now discovered easy ways to cook crab legs. You know how to choose them fresh and store them properly. More importantly, you can tell apart king crabs from snow or dungeness ones.

You’ve learned that preparing crab involves more than just tossing it in a pot. Thawing overnight in the refrigerator, arranging on a baking sheet – every step counts.

The various cooking methods are no longer mysteries either! Be it an Instant Pot quick-fix or leisurely grilling outdoors – you’re set for any scenario.

Your seafood soirees will never be the same again! Enjoy this new chapter of culinary adventures with these easy-to-follow steps!

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