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Dogfish Inn: The Coastal Delaware Basecamp for Adventurers & Beer Lovers

Hello, beer traveler! If you’re seeking a blend of nature, adventure, and a dash of something offbeat, you’ve come to the right place. Allow us to introduce you to the Dogfish Inn. Whether you’re here for the frothy beer or the allure of the open waters, we promise an experience that’s one for the books.

Dive Into Off-Centered Delight

Nestled alongside the serene Lewes-Rehoboth Canal, the Dogfish Inn stands proud as a beacon for those with a thirst for adventure and, well, beer. Celebrating the unique spirit of Dogfish Head, our 16-room inn is where unconventional style meets uncompromised quality.

So, why not stay a while? The night is young, and we’ve just begun.

Breathe In the Coastal Air: Discover the Dogfish Inn

Our Inn is cradled in the heart of historic downtown Lewes. With the canal as our neighbor, every day here promises new adventures. From kayaking to biking on trails made for our very own Priority Bicycles, the vibrant beaches to personalized experiences courtesy of our Innkeepers, every moment here is an adventure waiting to happen.

Accommodations? Let’s walk you through:

  • Rooms Galore: Choose from 15 distinctively styled rooms that radiate modernity while echoing convenience.
  • Cottage Sweet: For those moments when you’re in the company of four of your beloved pals.
  • Super SWEET: Aiming for opulence? This exclusive experience is tailored for you.

Each room, meticulously designed by Post Company from Brooklyn, brims with amenities that resonate Dogfish charm – from a snug Dogfish Head blanket designed with Woolrich to quintessential American-made beach chairs. Need a growler or some local snacks? Our Cottage has got you covered.

And although we don’t serve alcohol on our premises, a short walk takes you to myriad places that proudly serve Dogfish Head brews. Especially noteworthy are Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach and our Tasting Room & Kitchen in Milton. Discover the delights of our exclusive brews and off-centered ales!

A little tidbit for the art lover in you: each room features a unique rendition of the historic Lightship Overfalls, masterfully painted by local artist Steve Rogers. Fun fact? This National Historic Landmark, one of the 17 surviving lightships, is anchored merely a stone’s throw away.

The Innside Treasures

Hidden in the cozy corner of our Cottage lobby is the City Light Library. Curated with love by City Light Booksellers and Publishers, this treasure trove boasts everything from timeless classics to intriguing reads. Challenge accepted: Try finishing ‘Infinite Jest’ in a single sitting!

As the day wraps up, the patio beckons. Gather around the Cowboy Cauldron, gaze at the star-studded sky, and let the coastal breeze whisper tales of old. Morning greets you with the aroma of our custom-roasted Basecamp Blend coffee, courtesy of Rise Up.

Embark on an Offbeat Journey

At the Dogfish Inn, every moment tells a story. Whether you’re here to quench your thirst or feed your wanderlust, we promise tales you’ll cherish forever.

Here’s to adventures, to the twinkling canal, to the brews that unite us, and to the memories we’re about to make. Welcome home! 🍻🌌🚣‍♂️🌊

Original 2014 Post:

In late June, Dogfish Head Founder and President Sam Calagione is embarking on a 600-mile boat journey to celebrate the opening of the Dogfish Inn and raise money and awareness for The Nature Conservancy.

To highlight the accessibility and beautiful weather of the inn’s home in coastal Delaware, Sam and his teenage son are taking a 19-foot Boston Whaler from Lewes, Del., to Dogfish Head, Maine. Along the way, Sam will be stopping in Atlantic City, New York, Block Island, Boston and Portland to host beer dinners. The trip, supported byBoston Whaler and Woolrich, will raise $10,000 for The Nature Conservancy.

Per the map, the trip will make five stops. The stops include:

Monday, June 23: Scales Grill and Deck Bar, 800 N. New Hampshire Ave., Atlantic City, N.J. For reservations, email [email protected].
Wednesday, June 25: La Birreria at Eataly, 200 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. The dinner will include a live performance by musician and Dogfish Head collaborator Julianna Barwick. For reservations, call 212-539-0204, ext. 304, or email [email protected].
Thursday, June 26: Atlantic Inn, Block Island, R.I. For reservations, call 401-466-5883 or email [email protected].
Sunday, June 29: Merchant, 60 Franklin St., Boston, Mass. For reservations, visit the Merchant online.
Tuesday, July 1: Infiniti Fermentation and Distillation, Portland, Maine. For reservations, call 207-221-8889.

In the spirit of the adventure, Dogfish Head and the host restaurants will donate $2,000 for each stop to The Nature Conservancy, a million-member nonprofit dedicated to conserving “the lands and waters on which all life depends.”

Dogfish’s Calagione says about the trip:

“When Dogfish Head was just starting out in 1997, I rowed the first six-pack sold out of state across Delaware Bay to New Jersey,” says Calagione. “This trip I’m taking with Sammy is like the varsity version of that JV trip, and I’m excited to show him and anyone who follows our adventure that a company can do well while doing good.”

The launch point – the just-opened Dogfish Inn – is a first for the craft beer and hospitality industries. It’s an off-centered home base for beer geeks and beach lovers reflecting Dogfish Head’s offbeat approach to style, quality and craft. This new motel experience embraces modern style and convenience while celebrating an analog era of family vacations, big cars and endless summers.

The Dogfish Inn’s home in coastal Delaware – just a few hours from Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York – ensures not only a beautiful summer tourist season, but also shoulder seasons with great weather and warmer water temperatures than destinations to the north. On Oct. 1, for example, when the average temperature in Martha’s Vineyard is 58 and the water temperature is 62, the air in Delaware is 66 and the water is 68, making the Dogfish Inn the perfect launch pad to explore the natural goodness of Delaware.

As Sam and Sammy motor their way up the Eastern seaboard, they’ll be making pit stops to hike, paddleboard and photograph some of the coastal properties The Nature Conservancy protects. They’ll see places like South Cape May Meadows, a globally renowned birding spot at the southern tip of New Jersey; Pine Neck Nature Sanctuary, a 77-acre beachcomber’s dream on Long Island’s South Shore; and Berry Woods Preserve, home to a multi-use mosaic of conservation near Maine’s Kennebec River.

At each overnight location, Sam will host a beer dinner highlighting the diversity, complexity and food-compatibility of Dogfish Head’s off-centered ales.

Beer dinner guests at each location will be the first to taste Pennsylvania Tuxedo, the collaboration beer Dogfish Head just brewed with the iconic American apparel-maker Woolrich, Inc. Each guest also will take home a Dogfish Head pint glass, a Dogfish/Woolrich wool koozie and a Boston Whaler visor.

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