The fact that Mike and I are from Northeast Ohio, we are very proud of being in an area of the country where there are some awesome craft beer breweries.  The best part is that the craft beer industry is growing in Ohio at an exponential rate.  There are craft breweries popping up everywhere!!  We get to celebrate these great breweries each year during Cleveland Beer Week.  This year, Cleveland Beer Week is Oct.10-18.  You can go to to get a list of events for the week and all other information related to CBW.  We will definitely see you there!!

The big news last week was the release of the collaboration beer list.  Each year in the past, breweries in Ohio would pair up to make collaboration beers for Cleveland Beer Week.  This year, organizers changed things up a little bit.  Five Ohio breweries were chosen to collaborate with five out-of-state breweries to create a session style beer.  As always, with change, there were differing opinions on this new setup.  Some folks liked the old system and the fact that Ohio breweries were highlighted with these collaboration beers.  Others found the new way refreshing and excited about being exposed to the brewing talents of out-of-state breweries.  I personally don’t mind either way.  As long as the beer is exceptional, I think folks will enjoy these collaboration beers, and they won’t mind who made them.

Here is the press release that Cleveland Beer Week issued highlighting the five collaboration beers, the breweries that are making them, and a short description of each one:


Brewers Announce Collaboration Beer Styles, Names Beers will be featured during Cleveland Beer Week’s Opening Event

July 22, 2014—CLEVELAND, OHIO—Cleveland Beer Week officially opens on Friday, October 10 with Collaboration Kickoffs, a multi-neighborhood event featuring five custom-created, small-batch beers.

The collaboration beers will only be available together on draft for “Collaboration Kickoffs” and then singularly, in very limited supply, at the breweries and other retail locations including Heinen’s growler stations. This year, five northeast Ohio breweries are paired with five national breweries.

“Our patrons indicated a strong interest in new collaboration teams for this year,” says Christine Montague, Director of Cleveland Beer Week. “It wasn’t possible to scramble teams from years past due to distribution agreements, but we of course provide broad support to all local breweries for their own events and via participation in our other flagship events. The challenge to keep things exciting for our audience and brewers turned into quite an opportunity.”

John Lane, co-founder of Cleveland Beer Week and partner in Winking Lizard Taverns adds, “Cleveland Beer Week is a celebration of all craft beer in Cleveland — local, national and international — and we are thrilled to pair renowned, out-of-state breweries with five of the best in Cleveland.”

All collaboration beers are 6% or less alcohol by volume (ABV). The collaboration teams for 2014 are:

• Yadig?, a Berliner Hopfen-Weiss with 4.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) by Great Lakes Brewing Company and Oskar Blues Brewery of Longmont, Colorado.

“For a session beer, it will have a very complex malt profile,” says Tim Matthews, head brewer at Oskar Blues. Adds Luke Purcell, brewer at Great Lakes, “We are going to play with a bunch of specialty hops to add an intriguing flavor.”

• OH-MI!, an English Mild Ale with 4.5% ABV by Buckeye Brewing and Saugatuck Brewing Company of Douglas, Michigan.

“The English really nailed session beers. They are deceptive with dark, malty flavors,” notes Garin Wright, head brewer at Buckeye Brewing. “We’re using Ringwood yeast, which is typical for the style and adds quite a bit of fruity, complex character,” adds Jon Cole, district sales manager for Saugatuck Brewing Company.

• Brooklyn Dog, a Saison with 4% ABV by Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. and Brooklyn Brewery of Brooklyn, New York.

“This collaboration allows us to create an inspired beer flavor that exemplifies both of our styles and histories. I grew up in Ohio and am thrilled to come back and brew”, says Andrew Ety, assistant brewer at Brooklyn Brewery. Adds John Najeway, partner at Thirsty Dog Brewing Co., “Cleveland Beer Week continues to offer a unique niche for brewers. We’re making a traditional Saison with a Brooklyn style that will leave you a thirsty dog wanting another!”

• Fat Devil, a Black India Pale Lager (IPL) with 6% by Fat Heads Brewery and Devils Backbone Brewing Company of Roseland, Virginia.

“This beer really plays to our combined strengths. My specialty is lagers and Matt is the master of hops,” says Jason Oliver, brewmaster at Devils Backbone. Adds Matt Cole, head brewer at Fat Heads, “We have wanted to brew together for awhile—we tease that we will learn a lot from each other. We know we’re going to wet hop the beer, so it will be very hop forward.”

• Full Kettle Dead Canary, a Grisette Ale with 4% ABV by The Brew Kettle and Full Pint Brewing Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“The Grisette style is a variation of Saison Farmhouse Ales and used to be brewed for coal miners,” says Jake Kristophel, brewer at Full Pint. Adds Jack Kephart, head brewer at The Brew Kettle, “Hops and a blend with sour is our vision for a Grisette that will be tart-n-hoppy.”

So, there you go.  All of these beers will be available during Cleveland Beer Week at different events.  I’m sure that many of our readers from Ohio already know and have read about the collaboration beers at CBW.  I hope to see some of our out-of-state readers make the trip into Cleveland, too.  If you plan on coming in to Cleveland that week, please let us at Arlo’s Craft Beer Guide!!  We would love to have a get-together with our readers and bloggers.  Stay Tuned!!

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