Permanent Vacay IPA

Permanent Vacay IPA is the ethos of a relaxing and stress-free way of life.


Permanent Vacay IPA is the latest in special canned releases from Pizza Port. Earlier this year, we were treated with Campgrounds, Surfari, and Sidewalk Surfin’ – all excellent clear IPAs. Permanent Vacay is no exception. It’s safe to say that while most other breweries in our region have gone all-in on hazy IPAs, Pizza Port remains content churning out some of the world’s best clear IPAs. Hallelujah.

Now, according to the Pizza Port website, this is 7.2% ABV and made with Citra, Meridian, Motueka, and Melon hops. Though on the can itself, only Citra and Motueka are mentioned while ABV is marked as 7.0%. I’m unsure which is more correct. read post

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