Monsieur EdIt’s the artwork of a nearly naked Bob Sylvester and Khris Johnson atop a majestically galloping, sunglass-laden horse that has to catch your attention first.

It’s a bit on the … creative side, shall we say. And it’s an interesting way to announce this collaboration between the brewers of Saint Somewhere and Green Bench, respectively.

Green Bench Brewery is a one of the oldest breweries in the Florida Gulf Coast city of St. Petersburg, named for the green benches that used to line the city streets. Saint Somewhere is about an hour north in Tarpon Springs, home to a vibrant Greek sponge diving community. They both have made their claims to Florida brewing fame with their excellent work on saisons.

Judging by the bottle, the beer was produced at Green Bench’s St. Petersburg brewery. Judging by the fact that it was made by the two best saison brewers in the state, it’ll be a classic farmhouse ale.

And judging by the horse, the beer will have a suitably equine name like Monsieur Ed (Saison, 5.8% ABV).

It’s interesting to note this beer is suitably less funky than some beers either brewery produces. It’s pretty straightforward and dry, with a big oak flavor form Green Bench’s trademark foeders.

There is a beautifully deep, golden color and a big, frothy carbonation to the beer. Word of warning, don’t pour it too fast.

It smells incredibly complex, with aromas of light fruit, yeasty funk, and a moderate malt bill all mingling together. Upon tasting, most of that falls away, leaving a crisp, dry beer with with a lightly heady body.

And two half-naked brewers on the label.

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