Craft Beer Review: EddyLineBrewing’s 14ER Imperial Java Stout

I got super lucky and landed a can of EddyLineBrewing’s 14ER Imperial Java Stout. This beer comes in at a healthy 8.2 ABV. brewed with three pounds of Buena Vista Roastery coffee per barrel, and lots of roast and chocolate malt to give this beer a rich taste. This beer comes in a 16 oz can and pours coal black with a brown head that fades slowly. The smells that greet your nose are chocolate, malt, oatmeal, coffee and a little alcohol. The smells pretty much match what you taste the alcohol is hidden very well and the coffee is very pronounced.   The mouth feel is smooth full bodied and as you take a sip there is a very slight burn as it goes down.

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from this beer as normally stouts in cans (aside from Ten Fidy) are pretty bad but this one was a very pleasant surprise. I’d definitely recommend this beer to any stout fans out there looking for a very solid stout. As far as trade value on this one I would think due to the rarity and limited distribution you’d be able to land a solid beer for this one.

As always you can catch me on Beer Advocate and Ratebeer username Ohiobeer29 or on twitter at @blkguybeersnob to trade beer stories, reviews and thoughts on the next great beer to look out for.



Raymond Scott Jr,is a writer for Arlo’s Craft Beer Guide and writer for The Brews News located in Dayton,Ohio. His favorite beer style is the imperial stout but he respects everything that is craft beer and will try any beer/style at least once. When he is not writing he can be found on beer advocate,rate beer,and Twitter under the name @blkguybeersnob and of course enjoying a craft brew at a pub near you

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