House-Autry Beer Batter Gets Rich with Flavor!

Mark and Morey of the Erie Better Beer Bureau provide a great craft beer & food pairing episode using House-Autry’s Beer Batter. House-Autry has been around since 1812, based out of North Carolina. Their products are well known in the South, but recently made their products available on Amazon! <- direct link. We thought it would be cool to pair their beer batter with some local Ohio food & craft beers.

The Pairings

  • Lake Erie Perch & House-Autry Beer Batter mixed with “Bodhi”, a Double India Pale Ale (unique blend of hops, highlighting the true nature of Citra®) ~ Columbus Brewing Company
  • Onion Rings &House-Autry Beer Batter mixed with “Blackout Stout”, Russian Imperial Stout (black malt and roasted barley, touch of bitter hops ~ Great Lakes Brewing Co.


The House-Autry Beer Batter paired great with both of their choices. The perch was light and crispy with a citrus flavor, and the onion rings had a richer flavor using the stout beer. “Using beer in your batter, you’re going to notice a difference, and you probably don’t have to season it as much” -Mark

House-Autry Beer Batter

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***Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pints, Forks & Friends, House-Autry.

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