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May 23rd, 2014 – Craft beer enthusiasts gathered statewide to commemorate a day known as Chomolungma Day. This special day is not only about savoring the flavors of craft beer but also about joining hands in the fight against cancer.

Jackie O’s, a popular brewery in Ohio, led the celebration with tap takeovers in numerous craft beer bars throughout the state. I had the pleasure of marking the day at ‘The Local,’ a standout craft beer bar in Toledo, curated by the passionate Brandon. With an impressive tap lineup, ‘The Local’ is undoubtedly among the top beer destinations in the Toledo area.

If you’re scratching your head wondering what ‘Chomolungma’ means, it’s the Tibetan name for Mount Everest. This moniker was adopted by Jackie O’s for their English Brown Ale, which honors the anniversary of Brian Oestrike’s ascent of Mount Everest. Moreover, Chomolungma Day is a beacon of hope, raising funds for lung cancer. A significant chunk of the day’s proceeds is donated to LUNGevity, an organization dedicated to lung cancer awareness and prevention.

During the event, ‘The Local’ showcased 9 distinct Jackie O’s brews out of their 15 taps. With every Chomolungma purchase, attendees were gifted a special commemorative Jackie O’s glass, which was indeed a nice touch.

Of the beers on offer, I naturally started with the Chomolungma. This brown ale, characterized by its smoky undertones and subtle hint of honey, was satisfactory, albeit not outstanding in my books.

However, my experience truly peaked with the Matriarch Triple IPA. With a potent 11% ABV, this brew is among the strongest you can find in Ohio. Brewed with six American hop varieties and five pounds of hops per barrel, it’s an aromatic delight. The intoxicating fragrance of melons, citrus fruits, and tropical aromas was a sensory pleasure. The taste was equally mesmerizing, offering a melange of orange zest, mangoes, pineapples, and star fruit. If you ever come across Matriarch, don’t hesitate to give it a whirl.

I also sampled the Jackie O’s Paw Paw Wheat. For those not in the know, the Paw Paw is Ohio’s state fruit. This exotic fruit was employed by Jackie O’s to craft an imperial wheat ale, giving off flavors reminiscent of bananas, mangoes, and melons. Despite its fascinating profile, it reminded me more of a barleywine, a style I personally am not very fond of. But for barleywine enthusiasts, this beer, with its unique Paw Paw twist, is worth exploring.

All in all, my Chomolungma Day experience at ‘The Local’ was a grand one. I relished the company of fellow craft beer aficionados, sampled some intriguing brews, and was glad to be part of a noble cause. If you’re ever in Ohio during this special day, make it a point to participate. Cheers!

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