Craft Beer Review By: Alex Marsh

Situated in what looks like an unassuming office park is Corcoran Brewing Company of Purcellville, VA. Corcoran does not have any particularly off the wall brews; instead specializing in producing more traditional styles well. Many of their beers are lower than 7% ABV, allowing for the enjoyment of several rounds without approaching bachelor party levels of drunk. I had the opportunity to visit recently, sampled much of their extensive lineup, and brought home some of their outstanding IPL. I don’t normally try IPLs as I’ve found most examples to be lacking in body or malt balance. In fact, I didn’t actually order this with my flight as I didn’t expect to enjoy it but, after sipping a co-drinker’s sample I ordered a pint for myself. This was shortly followed by a half and full growler to go. Tasting notes based off the full growler sampled 13 days after fill.

IPL India Pale Lager

Appearance: 4.5/5 – Golden and very clear. When poured quickly, the head is short, white, and dissipates fairly quickly to a thin ring. Leaves a delicate lacing on the glass. If poured gently it will pour with little or no head as in the photo.

Aroma: 3/5 – I think the hop aroma suffered the almost two weeks in the Hydro Flask. A woodsy/resinous hop aroma remains, but I remember strong citrus, tropical, and stone fruit aromas when fresh. A biscuity malt aroma has stepped up in the absence of hops. Guessing from aroma alone, a good portion of this malt bill are English type malts.

Taste: 4/5 – Hop flavor also suffered with age, but not nearly to the same extent as aroma. Some citrus and fruit remains, but again has stepped back to let resin and spice reign supreme. Slight biscuit/bread malt flavor becomes more apparent as the pint warms but overall flavor is very hop forward. No oxidation or other off flavors are apparent.

Mouthfeel: 5/5 –Medium body and dry finish are exactly what this beer needs. This is where Corcoran IPL stands out where others offer a thin body with lingering sweetness.

Overall: 16.5/20 – Overall an unexpectedly fantastic offering from a local brewery. More growlers of this will be coming home next time I head south.

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