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In 2018, nearly 1,500 breweries joined Sierra Nevada in brewing Resilience Butte County Proud IPA, pledging to donate proceeds to victims of the devastating Camp Fire that ravaged northern California. Now, in 2020, New York’s Other Half Brewing is leaning on the same charitable model to assist service industry employees affected by the coronavirus outbreak. All Together IPA’s recipe was designed…

Greater Cleveland – Ohio Brewery News

With the immediate and dramatic decline in on-premise beer sales due to coronavirus, craft breweries have to make difficult decisions about what to do with the excess beer in their tanks and unsold kegs. Many craft distilleries have begun repurposing their production to make hand sanitizer that can be used in their local communities; in fact, the Brewers Association recently recommended diverting out-of-code beer to those efforts. Hofbrauhaus Cleveland is doing exactly that, donating 1,000 gallons of beer to Cleveland Whiskey’s sanitizer production program. The beer will be distilled down to 60 gallons of hand sanitizer and sent to the Cleveland Clinic to help protect health care workers in the fight to slow the spread of coronavirus. Marc Bona has the full story at cleveland.com


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