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New Albion Ale Launch Party, Cleveland Beer Week

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This past weekend, we had the pleasure to be a part of a really cool event. We attended a party for the re-launch of an iconic beer, New Albion Ale. The party took place at a great new brewery in the Cleveland, Ohio area, Platform Brewery. The story behind this beer is really pretty cool. This beer was first brewed many years ago by a man named, Jack McAuliffe, who is credited with starting the country’s first craft beer brewery. Jack had to close his brewery after a couple of years of production, but his daughter, Renee Deluca, has decided to resurrect the New Albion name and work to start the brewery again somewhere in Northeast Ohio. Friday night was the first step in this journey. The party was one of the many events that was a part of Cleveland Beer Week.

The highlight of the night was meeting Jack McAuliffe. We had the opportunity to talk with Jack for about fifteen minutes. It was a short time, but we left with a great deal of respect and admiration for this man. You could tell that he was a very proud man that was excited for his daughter’s new adventure and humbled by all of the attention that he was receiving from the crowd. He was an easy man to talk to with a quick wit. I really enjoyed listening to him tell stories from his brewing days, offering opinions about the modern craft beer scene, and showing us photos of his old brewery. We definitely appreciated the opportunity to meet a great man and a true icon in the craft beer world!!

The re-launch of New Albion Ale and Jack Mcauliffe’s place in craft beer history are great stories. We thought it would be a great idea to share these stories with you throughout this week. We will start by sharing our video interview with Renee Deluca that we did in the summer. There were also some great articles written about Jack McAuliffe and the re-launch of New Albion Brewery. We would like to share those articles with you. I think, as true fans of craft beer, you will appreciate these stories.

Cheers to Jack McAuliffe. Thank you for everything you have done for the craft beer industry!! Good Luck Renee Deluca!! We look forward to your success in the future!!!

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